How to Improve Your Life: Destroy 3 Beliefs That are Ruining It


I was making the most crucial decisions of my life on autopilot.  I didn’t realize it of course.  But I was unthinkingly ruling out courses of action or continuing with others based on my 100% certain understanding of How the World Worked.

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Is College Worth the Money? Not If You Understand the Business


As you grow up you start to realize that things aren’t what they seem.  Organizations in particular, are not what they pretend to be.  And just like evolutionary biology can give incredible insights into why humans behave in certain ways (like why is it that girls seem to be MOST attracted to you when other girls are showing interest) business model analysis can show you some crazy things about how the world works.

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Get Over Your Fear of Rejection

(This guy's got the fear)

(This guy’s got the fear)

You cannot be good with women if you are afraid of being rejected

Many nights, guys and girls will go out to a bar or club, meet someone of the opposite sex, think they are hitting it off magnificently, and end the night home alone wondering “what went wrong??”.

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How to Deal With Haters

how to deal with hatersHere’s the bottom line up front fellas:

When you start to pursue what you love, to become more than the boring ass corporate man the world had in mind–or just to stand out of the crowd–people you love will push back in ways you never experienced while you were floating through life.

I left my corporate job in October, flew to Brazil, and after weeks of conversation with a great friend, admitted out loud that my passion in life is meeting and connecting with people.  I want to share that. 

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Grind it Out

I don’t play football. I never did. I can’t tell you the difference between a Wildcat and a Power I.  But I grew up in America, and I picked up some football cliches, that I’m sure I’m using incorrectly.  Still, they can shift your perspective.

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How to Make Decisions: Hunt the Fear

The choices most people make are opiates.  They let you turn you off.  Power down.  They let life just happen around you.  You give in to them, fall asleep, and wake up years later.  You’ll be totally unfulfilled, but too lethargic to care.  Those choices are comfortable.

TV is comfortable.  Video games are comfortable.  Staying in your unfulfilling job is comfortable.  Holding your drink at your chest in a bar and telling yourself that no one there is worth talking to is comfortable.

Shitty decisions that will turn you into a shitty person are almost ALWAYS comfortable.

The decisions we ought to make . . .

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The Ultimate Time Management Secret: One Minute to 31% More Time EVERY DAY

Forget time management.  I’m giving you Time Miracle-Gro.

My gift to you: 34 hours 39 minutes every week.  An extra 5 hours a day.

This secret will extend your life, your waking hours, by 31%.   Time machines ain’t got shit on me.

This is next level shit right here.  A number of self-help gurus sent envelopes full of fire ants to my address when they found out I was revealing this time management secret.

But I am courageous.  I will stand against their ants and their tyranny.   The people will do ANYTHING for 5 hours a day, and I will give it to them.

The secret is this: You just have to do one thing.

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The Most Common Advice You’ve Been Given Is The Worst

We hear it all the time.  From our families, our friends, basically from everyone who loves us.  It’s especially popular when we want advice for getting someone, an interviewer, someone we admire, or a girl we like to want to us in their lives.  It’s supposedly the cure-all.  The simple adjustment that will let our true colors shine through and win them over.

“Just be yourself,” we are told.

So we remain whatever we are.  We continue doing the things we have always done.  And we don’t get the job, the friend, or the girl.

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How to be Honest With Yourself

Being honest about your feelings is unproductive, and to a degree, dishonest.

Yup.  Heres why:

When I say “I am sad about X” I am talking about an unpleasant feeling I had an instant ago.  But the statement “I am sad” refers to me now.  In reality, how I feel now is up to me.
It’s a decision I make in the present.

I have two main options

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How to Deal With Embarrassment: Kill it

Think of the reason you, your friend, whoever, lies about their height (5’10 =/= “six feet tall” boys).  Think of the reason you or someone you know sugarcoats the fact they are unemployed or live at home with mom and dad.  Think of the reason some hypothetical guy (not you, of course) avoids doing the things he isn’t spectacular at, like chatting up the pretty girl standing a few feet away on the subway.


At least no one thinks I am a creep…

Why do we make those bad decisions?

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