Want To Work With Charisma On Command? (Writing Position)

We are looking for someone to support me in creating scripts for our weekly videos. Ideally this person would eventually be lead content writer. This would be a full-time position as a contracted worker. Compensation is TBD, but it will be a fixed weekly rate.

Why might you be interested?

You’ll be making massive positive impact on people’s lives

Depending on the day, we get hundreds or even thousands of messages from people thanking us for our videos. Everything from helping employees negotiate a raise to showing someone with low esteem how to feel good about themselves – the amount of good you can do with our audience and platform is staggering.

You’ll have total freedom of time and location

I sleep until noon and write in the evenings. It doesn’t matter what time of day you work, or from what city, so long as you can make excellent video scripts.  The only time requirements will be deadlines and calls you have with me to go over the script.

For the right person, it’s super fun

You’re basically a scientist that is breaking ground on what makes people connect with one another. From a discovery standpoint it’s exciting. But it’s also rewarding personally because you can put the things you learn into practice to improve your own life and relationships.

You’ll learn an incredible skillset

This role will give you an education you can’t get in any school in the world. I’ll be personally teaching you about psychology, business, marketing, and of course charisma (though you’ll need a strong foundation in charisma to get the job!)

Who is this right for?

Someone who:

  • Is very analytical, especially with regards to social situations
  • Is an intelligent, abstract thinker – you need to be a cerebral type, able to comfortably run social “thought experiments” to drive down to underlying principles
  • Can organize thoughts clearly – outlining is hugely important for writing a good breakdown
  • Gets charisma – you’ll learn lots on the job, but you need to have a sharp intuitive understanding of social dynamics
  • Like our videos – if you don’t like watching them, you’re not gonna like spending your week making them!

How can you apply?

If this sounds like you, we’ll conduct the selection process in several rounds. First will be a test breakdown broken into 2 stages. The first stage is detailed in the audio below:

Writing Prompt

Sample Submission

Once you’ve completed that project, send it as an attached Google Doc to [email protected] with the subject line Writer.

Make sure to grant access of the doc to [email protected] so that we can read it.

Submit by: August 15, but we’ll review applications on a rolling basis so getting them in earlier allows us to review faster.

Unfortunately, anticipating the number of responses, we won’t be able to notify all those who do not make it to the next round. So if you do not hear back from us by the last week of August, you did not get chosen for the opportunity. If you do, we’ll notify you of next steps via email.


A Hidden Cause Of Suffering

I just got back from lunch with my brother.

We haven’t spoken for a while, so we played a lot of catch up. “How’s so-and-so doing?” we asked about a dozen times.

He told me the story of one of those so-and-so’s…

A friend of his who wanted to take his girlfriend out for her birthday. So he set up a nice trip to ski in California.

My brother was under the impression it was an amazing trip. All the Snapchat’s were full of smiles on the slopes and glasses of red wine at fancy restaurants.

When his friend got back, my brother asked about the trip.

His friend replied, “It was so hard man…”

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The 12 Best Personal Development Books

You can judge the value of a personal development book based on the concrete changes it produces in your life.  Do you walk away happier or more productive?  Do you walk away with a set of skills you didn’t have coming in?

By that metric, these are the best personal development books I have ever read.  If I taught a class called “Living: A Guide To Do It Right,” this list would constitute the best syllabus I could compile.

I’ll be adding to this list.  Not just the new revelations, but the old ones whose lessons have become so ingrained in my mind that I forgot to mention them.  For now, here are the 12 best personal development books (up until now).

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12 Steps To World Class Presentation Skills

We used to have these “All Hands” meetings at work.

During the meeting, the senior partners would take turns presenting about how business was going. What new projects they were selling, new work in the pipeline…

Not necessarily a showcase of oral presentation skills or public speaking prowess.

But I noticed something interesting in those meetings. Given the same exact topic and the same exact audience, one partner could make you perk up for those 5 minutes. Another would lull you to sleep.

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The Truth About Lying

Are you an honest person?

Seriously, ask yourself: are you honest? Wait til you have your answer before reading on.

Do you have it? Cool.

Now ask yourself: Do you lie sometimes?

I’m willing to bet that you’d say you’re an honest person. I’m also willing to bet that you lie sometimes. So you’re honest…except when you’re not.

Now for the real question: can someone who lies sometimes qualify as an honest person?

Or are we all really just liars in denial?

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How To Be More Confident: 3 Pillars Of Unshakable Self Confidence

Note: This is part of a larger series on how to be more confident.  Part 1 is here.

Today, I want to talk about the three distinct types of confidence and how to build confidence in each area.  Whether that’s at work, with your friends, in romantic life, amongst superiors, it doesn’t matter.  If you want to know how to be more confident, you need to identify the area you in which are weakest and get to work.

So let’s start with the most common type…

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How To Gain Confidence: 6 Tips To Nail Self Confidence When You Need It

Note: This is part of a larger series on how to gain confidence.  Part 2 is here.

Confidence matters. More than you can even imagine. Hewlett Packard discovered that years ago.

They were researching why there was such a discrepancy between men and women in positions of management. Sexism was still as issue. But they found something else.

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You Have a Hero Complex Thanks to Just About All Media

I’ve been reading the Night Angel trilogy.  It’s okay.  A real page-turner, but I don’t find myself marveling at it like I did with Game of Thrones.  (After Game of Thrones everything else pales, and this post explains why…)

The main character is introduced on page 1.  He is normal.  But we discover that he is indeed NOT NORMAL.  He is marked for greatness.  He is special.

You see this everywhere.

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How To Be Happier: End These 4 Life-Sucking, Unconscious Pursuits

Everyone wants to be happier. But no one thinks to ask how to be happier. We assume we know what we need to be doing.

After all we’ve seen the movies. We watch the Academy Awards. We’ve see the smiling faces of our almost certainly more fulfilled friends on Facebook.

But it’s all a trick. All the things we’ve been conditioned to think will finally teach us how to be happier are total bullshit. Take, for example . . .

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How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say In Conversation

You’re talking, conversation is flowing nicely, and you feel like you’re really starting to form a connection with this person…

But what happens when after 10 minutes, that dreaded moment rears it’s head?

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