Welcome to Charisma on Command!

First off, if you’re totally new, the best place to start is by joining 5 million+ other subscribers on our YouTube channel.  That said…

Are you already a high-achiever in most areas of life? Are you ready to take your relationships, your confidence, and your charisma to the next level? Then Charisma on Command is for you.  We want to help you become insanely charismatic so that your life is filled with success, happiness, and amazing people.

We Believe:

    • No matter who you are or how much you’ve achieved, everyone can benefit from taking their charisma to the next level
    • The best way to improve your life is to develop a naturally charismatic, magnetic presence that draws amazing people into your life
    • Life is about your relationships with other people

Who is Charisma on Command?

I’m Charlie. I do 95% of the writing around here. You’ll catch my best friend and co-founder Ben, in some of our videos.

I used to be quite the introvert. Back in high school, I was voted “Most Likely To Break Out Of His Shell in College.”

And even though life was generally REALLY good and I was happy, I felt like there was something missing.

So I started to read a lot of self-improvement books and apply them to my own life. I worked on confidence, charisma, hell, even just knowing what to say to start a conversation!

It took some time and there were definitely a few false starts…but after several months, I could walk into a room and quickly become the guy people gravitated towards. It felt awesome. I was making more friends, taking more risks, and feeling happier every day.

Today, I live in Las Vegas and teach high-achieving, successful people to exude superhuman charisma. I help them to become the person people notice and want to keep in touch with. I help them get promoted in their jobs and turn bosses into mentors. I help them attract and date amazing, quality people.

I get to help people live their best lives.

Why focus on maximizing magnetism and charisma?

At the end of the day, your relationships ARE your happiness. People work on math, and science, and careers, and the gym. Why not on the most important thing in your life!? Otherwise, you miss out on connecting with amazing people, some of whom you cross paths with every day!

Where do I start?

We set up a series of articles and videos that are the best on-boarding process for anyone looking to take their charisma to the next level.  These are the most important tips you need to start implementing to see the most immediate jump in your confidence in charisma.

The best way is to get it to you by email.  That way you can get a new piece every few days, so you won’t be overwhelmed and will have space to actually start USING this stuff!

You’ll get the tips delivered every few days, as well as blog, YouTube, and program updates when those occur.

Where if I want more?

If you love our stuff and you know you want something more comprehensive than the free content we put up on our blog and YouTube, check out Charisma University. It is, bar none, the fastest course I have ever put together to help supercharge your charisma and confidence.