Winner of Charisma University Scholarship And Reflections

I’m getting ready to open the doors to Charisma University.  Next Tuesday, May 27th is the *official* launch.

(If you previously signed up to be on the shortlist, you’ll get notified before so you get first dibs on the available spots.)

In the meantime though, I’ve got some great stuff in this blog post today.

  1. Announcing the winner and the amazing entry that won
  2. How reading your entires helped me crystallize what Charisma University is about at its core

The main purpose of Charisma University…

First off, holy moly…What amazing responses to the contest (more on that later).

Reading them was 1) insanely humbling and 2) insanely inspiring.   And what you shared got me crystallizing what the founding class of Charisma University will be all about.

Yes, the founding members will learn to bring a magnetic energy to a room.  To connect authentically with people in work, social, or romantic settings.   To become the person who does not hesitate or doubt themselves.

But beyond that, you made me realize something more…

So many of you (correctly) pointed out the power of learning from example.  Books are great.  Videos are better.  But NOTHING compares to a real live mentor.

So the purpose of Charisma University is twofold:

1)  To master your charisma and live your life to its fullest potential.  To create amazing relationships that land you your dream job and your ideal spouse.  To crush social self-doubt and never settle in any aspect of your life.

2) To equip you to teach OTHER people.  With your knowledge and most importantly, your inspiring example.

Teach them what?  To…

  • Captivate a room’s attention (if you decide to) and to lift others up with your energy
  • Attract amazing friends and relationships while leaving negative influences behind
  • Command respect while still connecting with people on a deeper level
  • Feel confident and at the top of your game in any context, regardless of what your “inner voice” has said in the past
  • Make OTHER people feel instantly comfortable in your presence
  • Be a role model of possibilities for everyone they come into contact with

Anyways, Charisma University is actually going to be run much like a University.  I’ll be there alongside you.  In fact, I’ll be taking some students particular charismatic challenges and making content on those challenges in my spare time.

That way we won’t just be “teaching” Charisma University founding members how to master their Charisma.

We’ll be showing them as well.  (I’m talking video breakdowns, exercises, real life case studies, etc.).  Plus, you’ll get the chance to learn not only from Ben and I, who have made his our main focus for the last 6 years, but from the other founding members who are on different parts of the same journey.

Winner of Charisma University Contest Announced

Reading your submissions made my week.

I was moved.  Inspired.  It was a touching, humbling experience.  I had to walk away from reading on multiple occasions because of how affected I was.

Your stories were incredible.

People were all over the board, some just starting to focus on self-improvement, others have been traveling the path for quite some time.  And who have had incredible amounts of success – give yourselves a pat on the back 🙂

Regardless, the caliber of honesty and dedication was flooring.  Those are the things that separate those who shape their lives and those who complain it just isn’t fair.  Massive respect to everyone who posted.  Sharing a simple comment on the internet gives most people pause.  Opening up and HONESTLY sharing your deepest desires is an act of tremendous courage.

I know what it feels like.  The most adrenaline I have ever felt in my life was the moment I published my first blog post (but that is a story for a different day).

The point is this: if you are trying to better yourself through ACTION and not just meaningless platitudes, you are already moving in the right direction.  Simply sharing a comment and trying is a filter most people allow to stop them. I sincerely hope you join the founding class of Charisma University because there will be MASSIVE amounts of action.

No one is more deserving of this scholarship than anyone else.   No matter where you are on your path, your desire to move forward makes you just as worthy as anyone else.

The person I chose had an entry that made my jaw drop.  He has made some awful decisions and suffered some awful consequences.  He has also made an incredible turnaround.  I can see how his life’s mission is literally saving lives.  How extra charisma would help him save even more lives.  I want to help him make sure kids don’t wind up making the same mistakes he did.

So congratulations to Jordan for winning the scholarship to Charisma University.  Read his story below.

And leave a comment of encouragement if you don’t mind 🙂

Winning Entry

Hey Charlie,

Charisma university offers me a systematic and efficient method of applying dynamic changes to my psychology and in turn teaches me the associated behaviours to quickly integrate these aspects into my central nervous system. I have spent the last four years totally restructuring my psychology and behaviour because I made a commitment to myself after a fatal DUI accident that I had when driving in 2009 that I would do everything I could to live the most honourable life possible and to make the impact of two people in this life.

I want charisma university to give me the knowledge to overcome my limiting beliefs and social patterns so that I can enrich the lives of those around me and inspire change in others. I currently use my experiences in life to raise awareness about safe partying practices at high schools and youth centres and I would love to turn my talks into motivational talks that inspire young people to be the best version of themselves regardless of their current circumstances. I’m twenty nine and learned to walk again at age 19 after being hit by a car and spending a year in a wheel chair, at twenty two I was given nearly half a million dollars compensation and went on a drug and alcohol bender all over the world, where I got drunken tattoos, woke up in brothels, met NBA and pornstars stars and nearly drowned jumping overboard on a ship in the Thai sea. By twenty five I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and crashed my car at friends party and then admitted myself into a drug and alcohol facility for twelve months where i attempted suicide and had a spiritual awakening. Upon graduating that program I was sentenced to six years jail of which I spent three years and one month in custody where I re-educated myself and ran 12 step recovery meeting for fellow inmates. I am currently still sober and serving my parole in the community and studying music at university.

I tell you this to demonstrate the vast amount of experiences I can draw on when relating to young people about life choices and overcoming adversity and to share my desire to do this more effectively. I believe this is where Charisma University can help me. I’m good with my communication skills and get great feedback from students and staff when I do my talks but I want to be great so that I can leave each talk knowing I left a lasting impression on the kids and hopefully inspire them to make smarter choices than I did when I was young.

I look forward to hearing from you mate and keep up the good work



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5 Responses to “Winner of Charisma University Scholarship And Reflections”

  • Thank you Charlie,

    I’m really looking forward to Charisma University and I appreciate your kind words.



  • Truly inspiring story Jordan, super stoked to see you win the prize, you will definitely make the most of it. I can’t wait to see how Charisma University unfolds; I’ll be following its progress every step of the way and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

    Charlie, I want to quickly thank you for all of your charisma advice so far. I have recently begun focusing on developing my charisma more seriously. Firstly, this has involved taking improv classes upon your recommendation, which I absolutely love, and have improved my social confidence much more than I would have imagined. I’ve also been working on speaking with more conviction and more eye-contact to display confidence. I work as a tutor for primary school students, and after just a one hour lesson keeping all of your advice in mind, the student’s mother recommended me to her friend that same week – I didn’t flinch asking for $50/hour, and now I have another client at that rate! So stoked.

    You’re making a difference, keep it up man 🙂

    • So glad you jumped into improv! I found it after having developed a decent level of comfort in front of people but I have seen it be life changing for people who don’t yet feel that way.

      And nice job on the rate! Conviction is your worth has sooo much effect on the price you can command.

      One recommendation: include offering referrals as part of your new client talk. Just let them know you’re happy to work with them and would appreciate it if they referred you to other people who could use your help (if they like your services). Tell them it allows you to expend more focus on your clients learning than on you needing to got out and acquire more clients.

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