So . . . what are you doing in the shower?

I don’t mean to be nosy but  . . . . What do you do in the shower these days?

For those who blushed: chilllll.  I’m not trying to catch you sinning.  Neither am I about to go on a no-fap rant (still formulating my opinion on that fapping business – Google it if you must.)

What I AM trying to do is discover what you’re fucking awesome at.  Or what you’re GOING to be awesome at.

So I need to know: what are you doing in the shower??

Sound random as hell??  Yup!  But let’s take a step back and you’ll see where I’m coming from . . .

I was in a language class the other day with this dude who speaks 7 languages FLUENTLY.  I know, totally nuts.  Anyhow, the second best tip he gave me on language acquisition was this: practice speaking in the shower.  

Good tip.  But it also spurred another thought in me  . . .

“Hm, that’s funny, I spend my shower time playing bar conversations in my head.” 

And in that instant, the most obvious life hack in the entire world occurred to me.  It was so freaking obvious — starting me in the face EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

In that moment it became clear to me why I do the following insane dance .. . . see if it rings any bells:

I’m trying to write for the blog, but I’m blocked all day.  I stare at the screen, pump out pure garbage, and then just fucking QUIT.  I step in the shower to wash the shitty artistry off my skin and BAM!  All of a sudden I brain-craft an entire badass post.

Then I run out, ass-naked and dripping wet, and get as much of it as I can into a Google doc before short-circuiting my laptop.

The roommate LOVES that (to be fair he pulls the same shit)

Don’t judge me heathen!  You’ve been there.  Something about the shower fills your brain with awesome stuff that JUST ISN’T FOUND anywhere else!

Sooo as this language pro is telling me what HE does in the shower I realized something much more universal . . .

Your shower is your laboratory, your practice room and your art parlor rolled into one.  It is where you’re likely doing some of YOUR BEST WORK!  

Which makes sense.  Nowhere is your brain more OUT OF IT’S OWN WAY than in the shower.  You can sing, dance, shake your booty, and talk to yourself.  You’re literally naked.  There is nothing to hide and no expectation.  You can just PLAY.

And fucking awesome shit surges up when you are in that state!

But this isn’t just an “Oh, cool” observation, and then you go on living your life exactly like before.

There is a serious implication to the shower-as-laboratory revelation . . .

And I personally believe it should impact how you live your life in a fundamental way .

So if you’re open to some introspection and change – check it out:

Show me what you work on in the shower and I’ll tell you what you’re passionate about, what you are/will be good at, and MAYBE . . .

What you should quit your job and go do.

For reals.  The only way I know to fucking KILL at any skill is to love it to the point where you PLAY it.

And if you’re doing it in the shower, you’re playing.

If you are playing spreadsheets and Powerpoints in the shower, I’m so freaking sorry.  I’m 99% sure you’re overworked and overstressed.  You either love Microsoft software (doubtful!) or you need to get the fuck away from work.

Maybe just quit.  If work has taken over play time, then your life is out of whack.

So let’s actually take the time to figure out what you’re doing in there.  And also what you SHOULD be doing . . .

Now comes the introspection . . . genuinely ask yourself and PAY ATTENTION next time you shower:


1.)  What am I usually DOING in the shower (other than the obvious!)  Is that what my career is?  Can I make it my career?

(I was running through bar conversations and writing blog posts.  I gotta tell you, life has been MUCH more fulfilling since I started doing that shit full time)

And 2.)  If I don’t love what I’m doing in the shower (say you’re focused on a job you don’t like) does that mean I need some space from whatever I’m focusing on?  What else do I want to get good at?  Can I start doing that in the shower instead?

Got your answers?? Cool.  Now—

But wait, Charlie, I can’t do mine in the shower cause I love guitar!!  I don’t want to screw up my Strat by dousing it in Old SpiceEee!

I knew this would come up.  So just to be clear:

You can  do ANYTHING in the shower because you are doing it IN YOUR HEAD.  I don’t literally have a girl in there to practice bar conversation with (though HOLY AWESOME, that’d be a neat trick).

You can play guitar, practice languages, debate people, or flirt with imaginary girls (like me!)

You can do whatever you want.  And the training in the shower is some of the best because YOU ARE FREE TO PLAY.  You take what you practiced into the real world and then workshop it every single day in the lab.  Playing, changing, perfecting

Before long you are a pro.  Fluent in 7 languages.  Crushing it with girls in bars–whatever it is that you are into!

So claim your laboratory people!  And remember to focus on the process, not just the result!


Charlie (the guy who wrote this in the shower)

P.S. If you want to know the best language learning tip I picked up to remove your accent in foreign languages, I’m happy to write about it IF enough people care enough to tell me they want to see it

EDIT: I posted the follow up here

P.P.S.  I’ll be getting back to body language and all that good stuff in the next email 🙂


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9 Responses to “So . . . what are you doing in the shower?”

  • Cool article. Really made a lot of sense actually. No wonder, the times i showered were the most peaceful and happy times of the day where I never want to leave. Do the article on removing accent. Also I kind of have opposite problem, i want to remove my foreign accent when i am speaking english.

  • I was thinking about that yesterday (In the shower btw) it’s like the place where all your ideas flow freely, I don’t know if the way the water relaxes you is related or something, but it’s my place to think 😉 P.D: I would love to know what the first tip is please 😀

  • Yes, what is that first tip of language acquisition?
    As for the article, I love this. We’re encouraged to get into creative mode by painting, drawing, playing an instrument, walking on the beach, meditating etc. I didn’t think of taking a shower for creative inspiration and it really does make sense 🙂 Thanks. guess I’ll be talking to myself tomorrow morning. Thanks!!

  • I believe there is a cognitive science explanation why the shower is a valuable resource for mental exploration. Our brains are very powerful, and easily get quite bored. Sensory inputs help to stimulate, and engage the brain (this is the cognitive science explanation for why people like crunchy food). In the shower, your brain is massively stimulated and therefore active due to myriad sensory inputs: the sound of the water, the feel of the water pressure, the change in water temperature as it rolls across your skin, etc. These are all things that activate your brain, turning the dial all the way to eleven, and doing so all without distraction from your consciouses primary focus (whatever you’re most interested in spending your mental capital on). During the day, your bored ass brain flits to thought other than your primary focus, distraction you from achieving your potential. This distracted focus causing writers block, allowing head trash intrusion like “what if they don’t like me”, etc. A mind stimulated and kept busy by these unobtrusive sensory inputs allows you to task your supercharged, focused brain on the thing that matter to you.

    I liked the article, got me thinking. Thanks and cheers.

  • …i think about what i could have done in past conversations/events and then just sing till i completely forgot what i was thinking of lol, id really love to know how that can help me :/

  • Hi! I signed up for the PRSUIT daily emails a while ago and this was the article they sent us yesterday (3/20/18) and it reminded me that waterproof notepads exist for the shower and they’re called Aqua Notes.
    I actually owned some a few years back and they’re fantastic.
    I thought you might find them helpful as well if you didn’t already know they existed.

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