Living With Death

Most people live like the goal is to finish.  Like the point were simply to get to the end.  Which in their minds is a long way off.  So they live cautiously.  They protect themselves. They avoid getting hurt.  They play defense.

They’re wrong.  The end isn’t far.  We’re born on the precipice, we spend our lives at the end.  Even if you live risk-free.  It will all be gone, very very soon.  And pieces of it, people you love, all those things you think you can protect, will be gone even before you.

What else do we have to lose?

Expose yourself.  Extend yourself.  Get crushed.   You’ve nothing to lose and a bit of excitement to be gained.  So don’t hold back.

Make absurd decisions. Risk everything.  Which is to say, risk nothing.

Love someone.  Love as many people as you can.

Last call.  The lights are always going out.  Do something big.

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