How You Can Win a Charisma University Seat

NOTE: The contest is now closed to new applications.  Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

So as you probably know, I’m opening Charisma University to 25 founding members.  I’ve set the date I’ll begin accepting people: One week from today, May 22nd.  (yes, yes more details to come)

But that’s not what this is about.  This is about how you can get in for free 😀  I’m running a contest and will be giving away a spot to someone reading this post….

If you win, you’ll get over $2,000 worth of coaching, classes, and video courses!

This will only take a couple of minutes.  All you have to do is answer one question.

In the comments of this blog post, please tell me:

1)  What positive changes you think Charisma University will help you make in your life/lifestyle….basically WHY do you think Charisma University will help you change your life for the better?  (Feel free to talk about what aspects of your life you think it would be most helpful with….career, romantic, social….)

That’s it.

Entries with more specifics have more chance of winning.

On Sunday and Monday I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award a winner early Tuesday morning.

If you win, you’ll get…

1.  Complete access to the full Charisma University classes (over 6 weeks) where we will cover everything from making a killer first impression (preview here), developing rock solid confidence in all situations, telling stories that keep people begging to know what happens next, connecting instantly and deeply with people you meet so that they never forget you, and more…

(classes will include videos beforehand, live training calls, and of course Charisma Homework which we will “hot seat” breakdown during every call)

2.  Rights to audit every single future semester of Charisma University until the end of time, whether it is for updated information or just for a refresher.

3.  My cell number.  I seriously prize founding members feedback, so I want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep in touch with me.

Someone in the comments will get all of these things for free (make sure to spell your email address correctly!).  I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say.

Good luck!


P.S.  Official opening of Charisma University registration will be next Thursday, May 22nd.

P.P.S.  Every comment automatically gets held for moderation.  Don’t sweat it if you don’t see it up immediately.  Just means that I have to approve it (which I will as soon I check email)

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46 Responses to “How You Can Win a Charisma University Seat”

  • Having charisma and all the perks associated with it can definitely be something that helps to let my ideas spread widely. I believe that the world needs to change for the better. Ya, it might seem cliche to use phrases “making a difference” and “changing the world” but that’s because they are uttered by the vocal but unispired masses.

    If I were to attain greater confidence and charisma, it will be easier for me to influence others to follow my ideas. But I don’t mean influencing as in being manipulative. Great people in the past are great influencers and their ideas are world-changing. But without charisma, their ideas wouldn’t spread. Like everyone else, I have my own ideas on how to change the world but my timidity usually prevents that idea from spreading.

    It’s a shame because I know if I’m like this then there are others out there who are in a similar situation with me. But if I can change myself through the Charisma University, maybr I can change them too.

    • Charisma has already changed my life.

      I was 17 when my sister finally broke it to me that I can’t go on the way I was. The social anxiety I felt when interacting with others prevented me from literally calling the operator for a phone number. A complete stranger, someone I’ll NEVER meet. Over the PHONE where they can’t even SEE me! I just couldn’t do it.

      I had asked my sister to call for information for me and she was just like heeeeeeeellll no!! Do it yourself. That was the first day of the rest of my life.

      I’m now 25 and in sales. I’m on the phone all day long and when necessary, I close in person. This past year I sold just under $1mm of services.

      What happened?

      I started reading. Watching. Practicing. I kept a journal. I got married (!).

      People that I meet tell me I’m a natural salesperson, very charismatic blah, blah, blah. It’s not true AT ALL. I’m a complete study – with a LOOOONG way to go.

      I haven’t achieved financial freedom for my family. I’m supporting my wife and daughter and they deserve the very best this world has to offer. I’ve been the recipient of numerous scholarships, needs based and academic and I want to pay them back and help others the way I was helped.

      I need next level charisma to take the insurmountable (in my mind) risk of starting my own business and freeing myself of the mental fetters weighing me down and telling me I’ll never be successful on my own. There’s other things too, like triggers that bring me back to elementary/high school and literally knock the wind out of me. I wish I could phase those out forever and further develop into the best version of myself.

    • Charisma. It’s not really something I can define but you can tell who has it and who doesn’t. Me unfortunately, I have not really been on the charismatic spectrum of awesomeness. I’ve always been a lazy, introverted, “do enough just to get by” kind of person. If I had a career choice or a passion, I would sort of do it, or maybe I would go hard at first, but eventually I would fizz out, returning back to my mundane life. I would make myself go over my faults over and over until I couldn’t take myself anymore, in return, making it more of a habit.

      I’ve always wanted to be charismatic, and to just bring that certain energy to a room where you walk in and everyone automatically has their eyes on you. To be the center of attention, helping people out, spreading my energy like a pair of wings twice my own arm span.

      If I had the charisma that I think charisma university would help me achieve, I think it would do the following. And I’m serious.

      I think it would help me become more loving to myself and others, to forgive and forget rather than hold a grudge until the end of time. To realize that failure is only a process to get to success, that you can do anything and everything your fears tell you that you aren’t capable of. Last but not least, I think charisma university would help me change into a person who connects with people, who people look to for a friend, a lover, or simply put, a man.

  • Hey mate! The positive changes i think I would be able to make would be :
    1. Help me interactions with women
    2. Help me get the job i want
    3. Help me connect and network with people more.
    4. Being able to make conversations a breeze.
    Well, this is all that’s on my mind.
    Keep doing what it is that you are doing. Cheers mate.
    – Ashwin

  • Good looking guy here. Most people think once you have the looks charismas comes as easy as pie.

    Well… WRONG! For some unknown reason, maybe not going out much when I was kid, I suck at socializing. Is not I’m super nervous shaky and can’t say a word but that I feel unnatural speaking with someone unless I have a clear reason as to why.

    Give me a reason, be it school or work related and I’ll do it. When it comes time to socialize just because our species evolve to be connected… well it gets hard there.

    A year ago (maybe around two years) I discover The Game and it was a great read but it felt so unnatural to not be my self. Later I discover Charlie and Ben in Kickass Academy and there teachings was to be yourself, honest and open. I like that. I know lots of stuff that really helps but I need to make it a habit to socialize to feel more comfortable and open during social situations.

    I hope I can do that with Charisma University. So Charlie help a lad kickass for free?


  • It generally takes a lot of time and effort for me to become comfortable and open with new people. The skills you’re teaching in Charisma University will help me make those connections more frequently and more deeply, both in a business and an intimate context.

  • Hey Charlie,

    Charisma university offers me a systematic and efficient method of applying dynamic changes to my psychology and in turn teaches me the associated behaviours to quickly integrate these aspects into my central nervous system. I have spent the last four years totally restructuring my psychology and behaviour because I made a commitment to myself after a fatal DUI accident that I had when driving in 2009 that I would do everything I could to live the most honourable life possible and to make the impact of two people in this life.

    I want charisma university to give me the knowledge to overcome my limiting beliefs and social patterns so that I can enrich the lives of those around me and inspire change in others. I currently use my experiences in life to raise awareness about safe partying practices at high schools and youth centres and I would love to turn my talks into motivational talks that inspire young people to be the best version of themselves regardless of their current circumstances. I’m twenty nine and learned to walk again at age 19 after being hit by a car and spending a year in a wheel chair, at twenty two I was given nearly half a million dollars compensation and went on a drug and alcohol bender all over the world, where I got drunken tattoos, woke up in brothels, met NBA and pornstars stars and nearly drowned jumping overboard on a ship in the Thai sea. By twenty five I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and crashed my car at friends party and then admitted myself into a drug and alcohol facility for twelve months where i attempted suicide and had a spiritual awakening. Upon graduating that program I was sentenced to six years jail of which I spent three years and one month in custody where I re-educated myself and ran 12 step recovery meeting for fellow inmates. I am currently still sober and serving my parole in the community and studying music at university.

    I tell you this to demonstrate the vast amount of experiences I can draw on when relating to young people about life choices and overcoming adversity and to share my desire to do this more effectively. I believe this is where Charisma University can help me. I’m good with my communication skills and get great feedback from students and staff when I do my talks but I want to be great so that I can leave each talk knowing I left a lasting impression on the kids and hopefully inspire them to make smarter choices than I did when I was young.

    I look forward to hearing from you mate and keep up the good work



  • I imagine the standard response to this question is as follows: Charisma University will help me establish deeper, more meaningful relationships with others. Before answering for myself, I took some time to reflect on why it is people need these relationships in the first place…

    The truth is, humans are a social species. We thrive off of interactions with others, feeding off the chemical-emotional rushes provided by their respective validation. Rationalizing and recognizing this innate need is incredibly helpful in making one’s interactions with others more effective.

    While I personally realize we’re a validation-seeking species, I’ve had trouble connecting intimately with others in conversation. The internal dialogue in my head tends to get in the way, over-rationalizing seemingly simple situations and complicating interactions. Like anyone, I’ve had good days and bad days; but as of recently, with more stress and responsibility in my everyday life, my charisma has suffered.

    Having recently completed my first year of college, I found there is certainly room for me to grow. If chosen, Charisma University would give me the groundwork to make my remaining years in college—and those early in my career—exceptional. These are perhaps the most important years of my life for all things romantic, social, career-related, so I want to make them count. In working on myself and my charisma this summer, I hope to become less stressed and more energetic.

    I truly believe Charisma University will teach me balance, making my interactions with others less strenuous and effortful. To me, Charlie has been less of a charisma coach and more of a life coach. And through his recent videos, I’ve absorbed the principles layed out, implementing each with great success. Charisma University will change my life for the better by increasing my understanding of both myself and others, thereby enhancing all of my interactions.

    Charlie, you’re an incredible guy. Thank you for all you’ve done so far to improve my life and the lives of others. Unfortunately, I’ll likely be unable to afford Charisma University if I’m not chosen through this contest, but regardless, please keep doing what you’re doing.


    • I walked onto the stage and looked out at the audience. 200 pairs of eyes were watching me as I started to speak. “This is no big deal, I do this every day.” I was trying to talk myself out of the anxiety, but the fact was that it was the largest group I’d ever spoken to, and my nerves were noticeable. My voice was a little shaky and I lacked the confidence I have with smaller groups.

      Then I remembered your advice. I stood up straighter, lifted my chin, slowed my sentences down, and opened my posture. My presentation immediately took a turn for the better, and I gained the confidence that comes with pushing myself and succeeding.

      Most importantly, I actually followed your advice. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you gave this opportunity to someone who didn’t take full advantage of it? That’s a promise I’ll make: I will use the knowledge to reach my full potential, and a little more than that.

      If watching one of your 5 minute videos could have that effect on my work, I can only imagine what an entire course would do. It would permeate every aspect of my life: social, professional, romantic. Honestly, I have no idea how it will benefit me most – I think that knowledge will only come with experience.

      I do know that I’d love to help with the book and developing the course. I’m a proficient writer, an even better editor, and have read more self-improvement books than I’d like to admit.

      Thank you for this opportunity,


  • Hey Charlie,

    First off, I want to tell you that your blog and the e-book have been immensely helpful to me in my interactions with other people. I have gained some additional confidence but, as always, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

    I believe that Charisma University will help me most significantly in discontinuing certain bad habits that I’ve maintained since childhood when interacting with people that to this day make me come off as shifty, lacking in confidence or aloof. Those various habits, some of which I’m not even conscious of, still hinder aspects of my life to this day.

    Since childhood, I was painfully shy and awkward, a trait I maintained through high school. In college, I finally came out of my shell socially. I had plenty of friends and an active social life. I got laid a bunch, but would still freeze in terror at the prospect of going up to a cute girl in class and chatting her up. Like in high school, I used booze as a crutch in social situations but was paralyzed without it.

    Cut to today: I have a vibrant and healthy social life with hundreds of friends whom I consider like family. Many of my friends and acquaintances come to me for life advice and trust me as a confidant. I value my relationships with other people and strive to maintain contact with my network of friends and acquaintances. My social life is not the problem.

    My dating life, however, is a different story. The same pattern since college lingers today. While I do have a somewhat active sex life, it is not as active as I would want it to be. I have “dry spells” that last for months, which I find unacceptable. Most of my sexual encounters are “hook-ups,” one night stands with girls I meet while out drinking at the bar or at a party. Just like in college, I have absolutely no problem charming the pants off a woman when I can lean on my buddies Jack Daniels and Mr. Smirnoff. However, during the daytime, just on my commute to work, I see dozens of gorgeous women that I would love to engage in conversation with, but I just lack the testicular fortitude to just walk up to them. I feel like each day I leave the house, I miss out on one opportunity to meet an amazing and gorgeous woman due to my awkwardness and lack of confidence.

    While dating is the most significant aspect of my life that Charisma University can transform, I also strongly believe that it can help me in my career. The habits, techniques and mindsets I’m certain we’ll learn can help me in my business immensely. I work in sales, where being charismatic, charming and open with people are the what separate the most successful people from those that are just getting by.

    In short, I need help with body language (posture, eye contact, gestures), maintaining an upbeat or high-energy presence and I need to deal with my social anxiety and awkwardness around new people if I’m going to live the life I thought I would be living today at age 30 when I was in high school.

  • Simple. I think it will allow me to have more control of the people that I attract in my life. Better friends, more women, and more powerful business colleagues. All of this will improve my life!

  • Me again. x]

    I have huge aspirations of making a change in this world, and the ultimate way I wish to do so is through my CHARACTER. I care about becoming an incredibly remarkable man so I can inspire other people to become the most remarkable versions of themselves.

    I want to be a living, walking, and breathing example of what it means to be a kickass (call back ;]) and charismatic alpha male.

    Energy, eloquence, flow, confidence, purpose, and natural sexiness are what I wish to gain from learning about charisma from you gentleman.

    I am already inspiring people with my energy through my blog and YouTube channel. I’m asking you to propel me into Russell Brand-like charisma so I can change the world, defy social conditioning, and inspire others to do the same.

    This is something I’m completely ready for; I will take it to a whole…. notha…. LEVEL. ;]


  • In 3 months, I’ll be moving to the US from the UK. I’ll be leaving behind all the people I know for a minimum of a year, potentially indefinitely, barring the occasional visit. I want it so that when I arrive in the US, I can hit the ground running and start a new section of my life, one where my ability to connect with people is higher than I’d have ever expected.

    Following this site from KA to CoC, reading Kickassery, chatting with Charlie and Henry that time in Brazil (I wonder if I made an impression well enough that you remember me), I’ve definitely grown in my social ability. But it’s been a sideline. It’s not been the focus for me, because I already have a life, a reasonable amount of friends, a girlfriend, that I’m perfectly okay with. But soon, that’s all going to change for me and I’ll be back at square one, just hoping that the skills I already have will be enough to get me by.

    Instead, I’d love to take part in the Charisma University. If I were given the place for this, I’d be committing myself to it. Squandering this kind of opportunity is unthinkable, and so I would have no excuses, no reasoning, I would put all the lessons possible to use and actually implement it in my current life, in order to prepare to build my new life as strongly as possible, and get the kind of people in my life that really fit with my values.

    I will be going to the US to start a career. I already have my job lined up, but I have a year trial period, after which they’re under no obligation to hire me again. I want them to have no choice but to hire me again, not only based on my work, but based on the fact that I’m a clear contributor of value in all aspects. My aim is to be a leader of the workplace, to rise and become project leader, to be the person that people look to for advice, for decision and clarity.

    When I go there, my social life will be non-existent until I make it happen. At the moment, my only plan is to hopefully make friends with the people in work, and go from there. That’s not enough, I want to be assured that I can easily find people that I want to connect with, people that want to connect with me, and I want to know that I can make a great impression on everyone that I meet.

    Most importantly, on arrival, my romantic life will also not exist. I’ll start from nothing, and with my current ‘skill’ at getting girls, that’s gonna be a lonely while, unless I get as lucky as I did when I started university. I want the confidence to approach a girl if I’m attracted to her without hesitation. I want the charisma to create energy in the conversation. I want the knowledge that I can communicate to her my values, and I can find out hers. I want to be able to have all of those things happen, and at the moment, I can’t.

    This pass will allow me to change my life. To be the better person that I know that I can be. I want to be able to enrich my life, and the lives of those around me.

  • Hey Charlie,

    I figure a take a swing at this free entry.

    I have always been one to stand along the wall. Now, you would never guess that working IT Support, creating my own Trivia night at a bar, bought my own house, and hosting a social dodgeball league. I also am a loyal friend who has done all he can for the people he cares about. A volunteer my time to help the school I work for and many other charities. With that list, I should be the most confident guy ever!

    And yet, I never built that confidence, that charisma, about me: with work, women, friends, etc. I always seem out of place, or just not accepted at all. With women, I’ll try, but find reasons every so often to get myself scared. I read “Anti Pickup Line” and starting to implement some thing, but still, I feel like I’m just not… well… special.

    Now don’t make this out to be me completely depressed. I have a great job, great friends, and a good life. I just don’t know how to see it. I don’t know how to enjoy the energy I have.

    I read your book and saw it as a first step for me to find that charisma about myself. Now, I’m taking another step to feeling like I am this special person people should want to know by trying to get into CU.

    A chance like this will help me enjoy all the fruits of my labor and expand them. It’ll help me gain the inner charisma and let me be able to (as you say) choose myself.

    Best of luck and wishes,

  • Due to a lack of honest charisma and confidence, I’ve missed a lot of the “best years” of my life, having just finished college and spending absolutely all of it unable to approach a girl or even impress at social situations. I’m funny but the humor revolves around being shy and awkward, which is weird roundabout way to force myself into a confident mindset when I need to but does quite little for being memorable or attractive to anyone.

    Over the years I’ve developed a strong outward facade of confidence, so I can project a decent enough image of charisma. However, once it comes time to use it, the image drops and everything falls apart as it becomes clear that I am not nearly the confident person that I pretend to be. This profound lack of inner confidence as well as approach anxiety has been a fatal cocktail when it comes to social events. There’s probably more, like body language, that I’ve been getting better at through forced practice and associating with people that already like and trust me, but it doesn’t really work out like I feel it should.

    Lack of charisma and confidence also fosters strong feelings of self-doubt. If I can’t impress people and be charismatic and successful in social settings, what is the point of embarking on more serious endeavors and trying out new things and talents? I tell myself over and over that I should try new things but then I wonder what fruit that will bear.

    I think Charisma University can help me develop that confidence and then project it for real, tying together everything that I’m trying to do and making it so that it’s no longer a “fake it till you make it” situation and is actually genuine confidence. I’m fairly certain that many things that I’ve been unable to accomplish in life thus far has been partly due to a lack of confidence, and I think that once I’ve got more charisma, a lot else might follow.

  • Hey, Charlie.

    With your help, I can change the face of American education. I currently work as a middle school principal in Harlem, but my goal in life is to start my own school that teaches kids to flourish and that sets them up for lifelong curiosity, a love of learning, and a profound sense of well being. School sucks for far too many kids, far too much of the time. I’m looking to change that.

    As a school leader, I’m perfectly fine. I can talk, I can teach kids, I can make teachers better…but to follow through on my dream of starting my own school, I need to get better myself. I need to be better.

    I need to be far better at networking to raise the capital and the support of donors. I need to be able to convince parents that they should entrust the weighty privilege of educating their children to me and my institution and ensure their continued support as I work to help their kids thrive. And I need to inspire my teachers and students to put in the hard work and focus to make this dream a successful reality. (Not to mention the added potential of being able to use your ideas as lessons on public speaking for my students.)

    So why Charisma University? Because I’m in a position to change lives, and a key component to my success is the ability to persuade and inspire. So when it comes to a class like this focused solely on the qualities that I’ll need to make my dream a reality?

    Damn right I’m interested.


  • Man i love your stuff so much! It really resonates with my life and the direction I want to journey down. I am working towards my goals every day and I feel that this opportunity would really accelerate me towards them.

  • Hey man!

    I am so happy that you are doing this. It means a lot to me and I am sure to others.

    The last two and a half years have been really tough for me. I used to be a very fun loving and charming guy who used to be very resilient and focused. I was happy where I was and what I was doing. But that changed slowly over the last two years. I have a hard time talking to people, even my family members and I feel that I am terrible at communication and it ALWAYS frustrates me. Lately, it has made me very anti social. I feel really negative about everything and even a small criticism makes me feel awful and makes me want to give up on living. I am finding it really difficult to make connections with other people, my career is not where I thought it would be and I have very important decisions to make when it comes to my family and personal life. I feel very stressed and pressured because those choices are going to be very hard but also life changing, and I want to make the right choice. That will only be possible when I become charismatic and take control of my life again. I believe that by going to Charisma University, I will become the whole definition of a charismatic person: authentic, very comfortable in his skin, excellent communicator, clear headed and resilient in face of adversities. Also, it will make me really relaxed and enable me to truly enjoy life. Thanks for reading.

  • I feel like the majority of us will fall into one of two categories:
    a) the awkward, shy guy who wants to use Charisma University (CU) to be more successful in their work, in relationships, and with women; to become that legendary triple threat.
    b) the above-average looking guy who comes off as that triple threat to everyone else, but inside he lacks confidence in himself. This is pretty common in people who read PUA material to “game” women.

    After taking a brief look at a few of the comments, it seems that I wasn’t too far from the truth. In fact, I’m both of those guys (minus the PUA part). Despite being a good-looking, moderately successful 23 year old at a Fortune 100 company who has already paid off his student loans AND seems to always be talking to multiple women, I’m ridiculously insecure. In reality, I’m always doing hesitating and double takes. I’m the guy who will read the other comments to assess the competition before throwing his hat in the ring, because “hey, there’s probably people with wayy more compelling stories who can benefit from it more.” As a Psych major, I could have a field day dissecting all the defense mechanisms embedded within that thought; and there’s nothing worse before losing the game before you hit start.

    At the end of the day, my interest in CU is part of my work towards two main goals: to take control, and to help others.

    As someone who seems like he has everything together (and being in the field of recruiting where I bear the role of someone who helps others achieve their dreams), I’m often sought after more for advice. It really sucks when you don’t have any type of answer for them besides “I don’t know, it just kind of happens.” When I go out, some say I make it look easy, yet I many times I don’t feel in control of the situation. At times, it almost feels like an out of body experience.

    An opportunity to be a founding member for CU allows me to flip this entire situation upside down. Moreover, I love the idea that CU will allow me to share this journey with others — I suspect that we’ll lead each other to the realization that we literally have no reason to feel the way that we do. One of the most difficult lessons is to learn how to get out of your own way.

    As an aside, the first thing I noticed is all of these people coming together and sharing awesome stories. For anyone else who took the time to read other people’s comments, I hope you also realize that there’s a support system right here — a community of like-minded people who want to toss the bullshit aside and work towards becoming a better you.

    Quick shoutout and thank you to Charlie for giving us the space to open up.

  • I’m really not sure how to start this out. I was pointed towards your site from Reddit in an attempt to better myself and my understanding of who I am. I found your video to be a very powerful tool for being able to express myself more confidently. Through my entire life, I have found difficulty talking with women, being taken seriously, or making people even look at me. I’ve been told by multiple people that I’m not ugly, but I also don’t have the confidence that I need. I have been actively working on myself for the last 8 years and while I have learned a lot, I still feel that my confidence with relationships and the business field is severely lacking. I tend to hold onto elements of my past and over-think situations that should be no concern of mine. That said, I feel that being equipped with your program (free or not), I may be able to better myself that much more. A sad confession is that I really don’t know how much more I can improve. I feel like I’ve touched on everything and I still feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Recently, I went abroad to Japan for 13 months and became more secure with myself as a person. Having really no friends or family in the area, I really had to learn to be comfortable with just myself. After returning, I find it difficult to even relate to those that I call friends. I feel like I’m boring them or I’m just not as interesting as I could be. I know at some point the race will be won and I’ll cross the finish line in my personal mission, but I really hope it would be sooner than later.

  • So, I just got back (literally just walked in the door) from a social with my new church singles group, and the biggest thing that was emphasized to me was that I have no idea how to become friends with people. It’s been this way for a very long time. It either just happens on it’s own, naturally, or it never happens, with never happening being a much more common result. I always feel like I am imposing on the other person, that there is no way that I can add value to their day by taking them away from whatever conversation they’re already having. I want to feel that I can have a conversation that the other person will enjoy, instead of feeling like I’m being needy and leeching off of their energy. I want to be able to have a conversation with a stranger and come away with a new friend, and even more so, I want to know how to make the transition from acquaintance to friend.
    I’m a very analytical person. I’ve relied on logic to get me through most things, but it has its limits. Like socializing. I need a guide to help me, and I’ve found from experience that I really love online course assignments. They give me the drive to go and finish the challenge right away.
    In addition, I have become frustrated with my college career and will soon be striking out on my own as an entrepreneur outside of the States. I know from what I’ve read about entrepreneurship how important charisma and ability to connect with people is, and I have to be charismatic in order to sell anything, whether it be myself, a product, a proposal, or a dream.
    You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for such a great site.

  • Hey Charlie,

    Charisma is something that has been substantially lacking in my life up until the last two years. Since then I have been working hard to talk to people more and feel more secure with myself. I have received a challenging intern ship in a very competitive company, I feel that I am very capable of all the technical details of the job I have to fulfil, how ever a large portion of the job requires talking with superiors and translating their demands into information I have to provide to them. I sadly do not feel all to comfortable communicating with them as I fear I will come of as socially unskilled in general incapable of his job.

    I have been working on a creating a discipline program, in which I teach people to become more structured and disciplined in life. Being charismatic and friendly really helps when I try to help people. I am set for launch I am currently looking for a room in a new city, where I will do my coaching.

    I have already made great progress, in being more socially skilled and charismatic, I have read multiple books on the subject and they have all helped a lot. I hope you vote for me because I am motivated and ready to learn.

    Thanks in advance,

    Guido Rademakers

  • I’d Love to enter charisma university because I’d like to help people by making then look at charisma as a skill, not something that one is born with. By that I’d like to make everyone I come in contact with better, cause I know that if I help someone, I’m helping myself by default cause we are literary ONE. Hope to enjoy learning in the process and make some friends in the way.
    Greetings from Ecuador!

  • Two years ago, I was struggling for almost everything in my life. Family relationship, friendship, dating, money, career, life purpose, self confidence, etc. I knew deeply that I need a change in my life, I need to transform myself, I need to turn over the tables by knowing more things in my life.

    However, knowing and doing is different. After a year later, I can see that my life didn’t improve a lot. For sure, changing takes time, but I’m disappointed that I’m making a very slow progress.

    I have started learning how to create a website to earn a living, so this can fix my career problem. I started to learn how attraction works, why being nice doesn’t work, so I’ll be able to handle my love life. I learn many other soft skills such as goal setting, limiting beliefs, time management. And I can conclude that, no matter what kind of things you want to improve in your life, you have to improve yourself first.

    Everything starts within yourself. You need to get your mindset right first otherwise nothing will work. In other words, if you want to get things work, you have to learn things from full picture.

    Charisma is potent in our life, take my case as example, if I want to create a successful business, if I want to succeed with women and other life areas, charisma character is something that I can’t miss out. It is responsible for most activities in my life.

    If I get the opportunity to get enter into CHARISMA UNIVERSITY, I would learn as many as I can and do my very best to get things work. I would take it seriously instead the attitude “give it a try”. I just don’t have any excuse for not making it works for me. I’m responsible for my own life.

    Charlie, Thanks for your sharing through this website. I appreciate your work in anyway.

    Have a nice day.

  • After working through your initial courses and devouring both kickassery and all of your blog posts to date, I would say that this question is one to which there are far too many answers. The areas of my life that this course wouldn’t dramatically benefit would be a far shorter and more easily defined list. That being said, I will try to leave the filter at the door for this to give you my most candid reaction.
    I know that there are innumerable benefits that I will be subject to as a result of this course. To name a few:
    Supreme confidence in all situations will lead to higher success in business settings, in achieving the job that I want, being able to negotiate and present any aspect of my life with far greater resolve, and being able to create and more aptly utilize a large network to my advantage. No doubt this financial benefit will far outweigh whatever this course may cost. Romantically, I mean come on. We all know the incredible things we learned in the last two courses. I have no doubt that this will allow me to dramatically increase my successes, and ultimately create the relationships that I truly want to have. Anyone that didn’t already find massive value in these courses wouldn’t be tripping over themselves for a chance at Charisma University like all of us commenting on this thread. From a social standpoint, the easy answer is to say that this will allow us to bring more people into our lives. However I think the real benefit is the quality and type of people that we will be able to attract. Because people naturally gravitate toward people that are similar to them, I believe that this program will create a network of people like Ben and Charlie (and Henry, Scott, Benji and Dilan of course 🙂 ) that will force me to be the best man that I can be. The value of being surrounded by high achievers who want to see you succeed is almost immeasurable.

    These benefits are all great. The issue I have is that their scope is entirely limited. Though there are many incredible benefits that I would experience, the far more critical and more numerous returns would belong to everyone around me. By becoming a more charismatic and confident individual, I will be able to create massive amounts of value in the lives of others, whether as a business partner, a friend, or a lover. It is also my hope that being able to live a kickass, confident life every day will inspire others around me to do the same. This inspiration will lead to even more people leading a kickass life, which should multiply all of the returns above exponentially. I know that the question listed here is very specific; capturing all of the answers on paper, however, is no easy task. To put it simply, I believe that though I am taking this course for the absurd amount of benefits that it will provide me, my personal benefits are merely a drop in the bucket when measuring the overall impact of this course.

  • I tend not to give the friendliest impression to people I just meet. I’ve been told that I’m a little intimidating or that people thought I didn’t like them. Both of these reactions really surprised me since I’m usually a pretty easy-going guy. I’ve even lost an internship because my supervisors “thought I wasn’t interested.” And this has definitely manifested in my interactions with girls I am interested in being more than friends with, and I’ve never actually started a relationship with someone I have just met.

    I have only learned this since I started college two years ago, since after some time passes I have no problem getting relationships with girls or making friends (those people who thought I didn’t like them became my closest friends in college after a few weeks, but living on the same floor was a huge advantage). I’ve also realized that this affects my future ability to network and make other connections, which really scares me because I know how important that is for my future.

    The last most frustrating thing is that I can remember specific times when I have not had those problems meeting people, but I don’t really know what I did differently during those times.

    That’s why I think this course will change my life. These last couple years have pretty much scared me with the thought of not being able to make new connections with people I am not constantly in close contact with.

    Thanks for all your content Charlie,

  • From hanging with you guys and seeing you in action, it’s pretty damn obvious how big an impact this skillset has made on your life. I want to better develop this in my own life too.

    Coming from being socially awkward in middle and high school to learning about the seduction and self improvement community in college, and learning more and more every single day about social skills, this is one of the few areas that I think is untouched and in desperate need of some light.

    I used to think that you could get better socially to the point of being a cool dude, but there were just certain people who were on a completely different level. While that might be true in the absolute tip (Will Smith, Clinton, etc), your writing and videos on charisma have debunked a lot of that for me.

    I’ve always been obsessed with knowing why things work the way that they do and up until now I had no idea what I was doing to be charismatic WHEN I was doing it, and more importantly I didn’t know how to activate it when I was not.

    For me, social life is where it matters most. I do well in business environments, anything that has a context around it besides just hanging out and being yourself, connecting with other people for the sake of connecting.

  • There once was a shy kid in school,
    Who sat at the back of the class.
    He was never funny or cool,
    And hoped that one day this would pass.

    So he went through his teenager years,
    Playing video games every evening and night,
    Blinking away his sad, lonely tears
    His neckbeard was truly a sight!

    Then one day he saw the girl of his dreams,
    But approaching her cold was too tough.
    He froze in his trenchcoat, fedora and jeans
    And decided enough was enough.

    So he went home that very same day,
    And fired up Internet Explorer,
    Found some great books about PUA
    And realised his life was a horror.

    Over the following weeks, months and years,
    He practised what he had read.
    He was slowly overcoming his fears,
    And stopped always smelling of garlic bread.

    But when it came to pure conversation,
    His was still too boring and bland.
    Then after months and years of frustration,
    He discovered Charisma on Command.

    He read through the book and the blog,
    Applying what he had learned.
    Jumped with joy like a frog,
    Even his mum was concerned!

    You’ve probably realised by now,
    That the guy in this poem is me
    I read Charlie’s book and thought “Wow!”
    The next step is Charisma University!

  • Simply put, charisma will help me love myself again. If given the coaching and the ability to change my mind set and become confident in who I am as a person, all aspects of my life will improve. It will improve my relationships with friends, strangers, and my girlfriend. It will improve my relationship with myself, and give me a reason to start caring for myself again, and lift away some depression. Confidence gained in this program would open up numerous opportunities for a young 20 year old man like myself, the benefits you could provide could last a very long time on my road to self actualization and self improvement!

  • I’ve been very fortunate in my life and career. I’ve got a fulfilling job, great friends, and a generally happy life. However I know that there’s more out there for me. I’ve been a shy person my entire life and I’ve worked really hard to overcome that. In my former life as a professional athlete I know for a fact that my timidity held me back and kept me from reaching my true potential. It’s even more acute in my personal relationships. I do well with girls and have lots of friends, but I still feel in the pit of my stomach that debilitating shyness that I’ve had my entire life. Once and for all I want to be done with that. I want to be able to leave great impressions on everyone I meet and I want to not be worried about meeting new people. I believe that this program could help me live the life I’ve always wanted.

  • Hey Charlie. I’m writing to you today because I believe that becoming incredibly charismatic is the single most important tool I have in my journey to sculpt myself into the kind of man I want to be.

    Whenever I sit back and reflect on my goals and what I want in life, I find that they all fall into one of two categories: making myself into a success, and living a happy and fulfilling life. As I see it, charisma is the only skill that can truly bring me success in both.

    My story is one you will probably recognize, both in similarities to past clients and possibly symmetries in your own life. I grew up a very smart, but socially unskilled kid. In elementary school I was 4 grades ahead in math and athletically talented, but was never really knew how to make connections or have friends. Starting with middle school, without even realizing it I started to become a shy, anxious kid, too self conscious to have great success socially.

    Like you have mentioned in your own life in past articles, my main motivation to improve was girls. I was a tall, athletic kid, and sometimes was even told that a certain girl had a crush on me, but was terrified of actually trying to make something happen. After falling hard for a girl senior year, and never having it work out, I resolved to work harder on improving myself. Long story short, with the help of internet advice and the gym, I went from a kid who didn’t have a date to high school prom to being well known within my fraternity for getting a lot of girls by midway through sophomore year.

    This change has demonstrated to me that progress really is possible, but I still find that my performance is very inconsistent. Sometimes I can light up a room, and sometimes I can hardly get a word in. I have been giving a lot thought to what works and what doesn’t in my life, and doing research, but I haven’t seen the amazing progress that I want.

    I also see so many of my friends dead set on prestigious, high profile Wall Street jobs that I know are absolutely not for me. Frankly, I feel like the most attractive part about these positions isn’t the money but the security and status that come with them. However, I know there’s no way that I could sacrifice two years of my youth working 90 hour weeks at Goldman. While I have good technical skills, I can use extraordinary charisma to impress people and make connections in the rest of the job market.

    On a more philosophical note, the abundance that charisma will bring to my life help me become a better, more compassionate person.

    I’m not sure if you are familiar with Anders Ericsson’s work on deliberate practice, but he suggests that to see serious improvement is essential that practice be broken down into concrete steps, with expert feedback. While I really appreciate the once a week exercises of CoC, it can definitely be difficult to stay focused and improve without any feedback from the outside world.

    The other essential benefit I will get from this is the network of committed, charismatic men. As much as we all like to see ourselves as individuals, it’s clear to me when I reflect back on my life that the social groups I spend time with influence my life so much. Regular feedback and discussion will be critical in maintaining motivation and understanding each others struggles from an outside perspective.

    As for how I can give back, I am a very analytical person and a hard worker, and I believe I can give you very good feedback on what works and what doesn’t in my own life, as well as how to present ideas in a clearer way.

    Over the last year or so, I have made a big mindset shift. Becoming a charismatic man who can light up social situations is not just another thing I want in life, after I’ve finished school work and come home from practice. It is the most important goal that I have. I really want to commit to improvement and change my life. Regardless of whether or not I am selected, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to afford the Charisma University, but I’ll be following your work closely as it has been a great tool for my personal improvement so far.

  • My name is Brian, and I am a 19 year old college student and I’m hoping that Charisma University will teach me to be, not just look, more confident. You see, in conversations, I feel the need to interject that I’ve won such and such award so that people will validate me. I’m hoping that Charisma University will teach me to love myself in such a way that others would want to as well. In high school, I had a crush on a girl for four years without saying more than a few sentences at a time to her. But most of all, I’m hoping Charisma University will teach me to be a good role model for my brother, because growing up in a neighborhood like mine, good role models are all we have.

    In a couple months, I will be starting college at a 4 year university, as well as starting my own company (in order to pay for said college). And as reputable as the university I will be transferring to is, I believe that what I am seeking can’t be learned anywhere else but Charisma University. I want to learn to have infectious energy like Will Smith, how to handle haters with grace like Russell Brand, and to have unshakeable belief in myself like Robert Downey Jr. I don’t want to become these people persay, but to take the best parts of their personality in order to make myself better. My name is Brian and I have never had a girlfriend, started a company, or learned to love myself in a way that will make others want to do so as well. And I believe it’s high time that I started to learn how.

  • Hey Charlie,

    As you probably know, I am an avid follower of your work. So far the video breakdowns and early access chapters from your book have improved my interactions with other people dramatically.

    I am a college student majoring in history and political science, and one day hope to have a political career. You have been providing me with the information to better connect with people and communicate in a clear and charismatic way.

    When I was younger I used to be incredibly shy. Probably the shyest kid you would ever meet. In pre-school I remember the teacher was devoted to helping me break out of my shell. I wasn’t allowed to go out for recess until I said something to her from across the room. She would reward me with M&M’s when I finally worked up the courage to shout.

    Slowly I improved as the years went on. I’ll emphasize that it was a very slow pace, but progress nonetheless. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I really began to branch out. I joined the high school TV and radio station where I met some of my closest friends. I eventually hosted my own TV talk show and a Beatles themed radio show.

    Ever since I was able to get my social life rolling, it has been improving at an exponential rate. When I stumbled upon your website I felt like a blindfold had been lifted from my eyes. I was able to understand that Charisma isn’t some magic trait that some people have and others lack. You showed me that charisma, just like any other skill, can be analyzed and learned.

    In the past few weeks I have been able to take great strides to improve my sociability and charisma; and people notice.

    I have received several compliments from friends and acquaintances during the past few days on how much I have changed for the better.

    So even if you do not choose me for free entry into Charisma University, I want to sincerely thank you for the knowledge you have given me. I feel more ambitious than ever, and I know your toolbox of information will play a big role in helping me reach my goals.


    Charlie Y

  • I’m going to be honest, I don’t NEED Charisma University. I’m attending a prestigious university, I have a wonderful girlfriend, I’m in great shape, I have an awesome group of friends, and I’m not insecure. I have found purpose through service and I’m an accomplished leader: I started an undergraduate policy think tank at my school and I’m currently in the process of starting a student-run nonprofit that will help local nonprofits develop their fundraising capacity. I’m confident that I have a bright future ahead of me.

    … But I do WANT Charisma University. Because I don’t just want a bright future, I want a dazzling future. I want to walk into a room and command respect and attention. I want to project authority while also connecting with people on a deeper level. I want to be someone that people trust immediately. Why? Because I want to enhance my ability to serve and lead, and magnetic charisma is essential for that.

    But there’s something holding me back from mastering these skills. Sometimes, the way I communicate with people and the way I connect with them isn’t natural. It can be forced and come off as awkward. Sometimes I let nerves get the best of me. Sometimes I waver and hesitate. It might be because I’ve grown up in an immigrant community that values deference and humility while stigmatizing deviation from those norms. I have definitely broken out of some of these cultural barriers (mostly because I am somewhat obsessive about self-development), but I’m sure some vestiges of that culture remain. I want to break through this “charisma ceiling” and reach new heights. However, to reach them, I will need guidance and mentorship. Charisma University will help me change my life for the better because it will provide me with the structure and expertise to reach the next level on my journey of charismatic mastery.

    In terms of specifics, here is what I am hoping to get out of Charisma University:
    1) To develop a more powerful presence so that I can lead and inspire my teams, now and in the future, to perform at a high level and achieve victories. For example, I realize I need to master my charisma to communicate authentically with my team and my clients so that the nonprofit that I’m starting will succeed.
    2) To develop an ability to connect deeply with my friends. Sometimes my relationships with my friends can seem superficial. I want to have the courage to dig deeper and establish real connections.
    3) To forge a stronger relationship with my girlfriend. Sometimes my head is in the clouds and I don’t connect with her as well as I should. I want her to truly understand how awesome I think she is.
    4) To heal my relationship with my parents. I want to be able to have hard, truthful conversations with them, ones that I’ve put off for too long, such as about me converting to a different religion.
    5) To land my dream job at some choice firms. I interviewed with them a few months ago, but didn’t get offers mostly because of my presence, or lack thereof (my nerves kicked in).

  • I recently began following some of your work and it has struck a chord with me. I feel you have found a genuine way to improve oneself and that is often lost in the whole self-improvement era. A lot of the advice out there feels fake and un-fulfilling. Charisma on Command appears to be truly interested in helping people not just trying to turn a quick dollar. To summarize why I think Charisma University would improve my life I would like to leave here the first post I made on a blog I started not too long ago.

    “My life up to this point has read like how any american life ought to. I grew up in a hard-working, lower middle class area just outside of Detroit. I studied hard like I was supposed to. I went to college and graduated with my doctorate at 24. Shortly after my 25th birthday I had a 6-figure income, a house on the water, and a Cadillac in the driveway. My life was good, but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like my job(or working for a large corporation), the house required a lot of work(plus a sizable mortgage), and the car was just a car(although offering full disclosure I do like the car). I went down the path and achieved everything i was supposed too. So why wasn’t I happy? The true answer I’ve realized is life requires fulfillment.

    I started reading books on people that left their jobs and did what inspired them. They too had traveled down the path they where supposed to but threw it all away to do what they truly loved. I want the fulfillment they have every morning when they wake up. I realized that what I truly love is self-improvement. I love learning something I did not know before and being able to communicate what I learned to someone else. Education is invaluable. As humans we are blessed with the capabilities to learn an endless amount of information. I have been through the standard education process. Although I am grateful for all I have learned from my schooling, for the most part it was filled with busy work and pointless assignments. Because I love to learn and because I have seen first hand the faults of the education system I am embarking on a new educational journey. This will be a self-directed study involving myself learning whatever I want to. No teachers, no assignments, no midterms just myself and an endless determination to learn. This blog will be a way to hold myself accountable while being my outlet to the world.

    Hopefully my journey will not only be invaluable to me, but to those that read this blog and people I meet in my daily life. I want to improve this world, and myself, any way I can. Here’s to trying to forge one’s own path in life.”

  • Hey Charlie,
    I am 51 years of age and I am single with no children. I have maybe two guys that I can call really good friends. I live a very solitary life and don’t have the social skills to meet other people on a deep level to make a lasting connection. I don’t know how my life ended up this way. When I was younger I had ton’s of friends and dated lot’s of girls. I guess it was just, you know I started out with great aspirations but somehow along the way things went awry.

    I am very good at what I do for a living, but sometimes I get very frustrated and stressed out and push people away from myself. I have very high expectations of myself and when I fail I take things very hard.

    When I think about my life as I’m getting older I get very discouraged because of what little I have accomplished and the fact that I don’t have a wife or children. I know this sounds really depressing but have you ever thought about your funeral and who would be there and what would be said about you? Well I have and it seems to me that it would be very dismal.

    I want to change my eulogy and I am done living this way I don’t want to be alone any longer I want to leave a legacy that will have an impact on the world. I want to share my life with someone that I can love with my last dying breath, possibly even have children. I want to experience love and life to it’s fullest building lasting relationships with many people.

    I want to be full of confidence and compassion, not being afraid of what others might think, but being a leader in a new way of thinking drawing people to myself and making their lives better because of our meeting.
    This Charlie is what I know Charisma University would help me to accomplish, with the skills I will have learned I would be a completely different and better human being.

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity to change how the rest of my life will play out. Good luck to all of you!!
    Be blessed

  • So, every single person that has a left a reply probably deserves to join you in Charisma University merely because they have taken the steps that others haven’t to post a reply and try to learn as much as they can from you on their own. There are people who have the life already that others want, and they want to take it to another level and then there are the people that are merely starting to become the people that they want to be.

    I am in the second camp, I recently broke up with my girlfriend of two years a few months ago and I was completely demolished. I did not have a sense of self at all, I had no idea what it was to actually be around people that enjoyed being around me. I felt completely lost. However, I slowly started to build up some confidence, had a few dates, and realized that I was not completely destroyed, merely just a chip in my armor.

    Then I found this website a few months ago and immediately started reading the articles on how to make the best first impressions and how to be someone that people genuinely want to be around. It was amazing, for some reason the ideas that you were talking about just made perfect sense, but for some reason I never connected the dots. I bought your book, Kickassery, without a seconds thought, because just in the few articles that I read, in the next days, everything felt better and it seemed like I was more confident.

    After using the methods and ideas in Kickassery, I found myself talking to people with more ease than I’d felt in months. I felt relaxed and happy; something that I had only felt in small bursts for a while. I feel as though I am doing 10x better than I ever have before in talking to anyone. With everything that I have learned from you, I have a date scheduled for this weekend and I cannot wait. But as others have said, I know that I can do better. The idea of Charisma University is probably one that I would gladly spend the money on if i could. Even if I was not chosen to be a part of the founding members, I would still be on your website day after day trying to learn as much as possible to be the best man that I can be.

    You can learn so much on your own through practice and general understanding by reading but to completely absorb something, you need a great teacher. That is what I hope to get out of Charisma University. I want to internalize and absorb as much as I can to be the best man I can. I also want to give back to you, Charlie and Ben, for putting together this treasure trove of information that has helped me more than I could possibly write here. I would like to help you change other peoples lives for the better.

    I’m not sure if that was too preachy, but every bit is true.

    Thank you very much Charlie,

  • 1) What positive changes you think Charisma University will help you make in your life/lifestyle….basically WHY do you think Charisma University will help you change your life for the better? (Feel free to talk about what aspects of your life you think it would be most helpful with….career, romantic, social….)

    Hi Charlie,

    First, thank you for presenting your followers with this opportunity. That’s seriously freaking awesome. So what positive changes would Charisma University bring into my life?

    My answer is the potential for positive change in my life and lifestyle would be endless. Allowing me to learn from the best and surrounding myself with more amazing people is an invaluable asset. I just looked up a quick definition for charisma and got this: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. I could create a lifestyle where I’m doing all the things I LOVE, everyday. I spend my time with the best people. I get into the most amazing relationships, and my sex life is off the charts.

    I got into my self-improvement binge from the desire to get better with women, at one point that was all that was important to me. However, since getting to know you I have realized that there is more then priding myself on how many women I’ve been with. Along the path of devoting myself to becoming more attractive I experienced some of the amazing things you can do when building SOLID relationships with both men & women. As well as when you know you put a crazy good feeling inside of people when your in their presence. That is why I want to be in Charisma University. I know I can be even better, stronger, more attractive, and more charismatic. I don’t want to be this just for me either, I want to do it for other people because I know it will flow into other peoples lives and lifestyles.

    I will have better relationships with my family, I will have more and stronger relationships with friends, I will be able to meet great people when ever I want to, I will move up quicker in the business world, I will be able to jump ship and become an entrepreneur when I have an idea of what I want to do, when I find my purpose I will be able to pursue it aggressively, I will have amazing women in my life, I will be able to move to new cities and start a new life quickly. Like I said the opportunities are endless, and that is why I want to be apart of this.

    Thanks Charlie for all of your hard work and inspiration.



  • I’m not afraid to speak in front of an audience. I’m not afraid to meet strangers, whether in a business setting or on the street. I would honestly say that many others need Charisma U more than I do.

    Before I found Kickass Academy, Kickassery, and everything else, I was already reading books about getting your mind right, taming your subconscious mind to work for you, how successful people think and act, qualities of leadership, how the world class think differently and use a different perspective than middle and working class people. It’s not new for me. The only way to get better at things in life is to find someone who does it successfully, and do what they did. From there, you can master your craft, and if you’re really good, teach others how to be just like yourself. If you truly are the best though, you’ll be able to teach others how to become teachers to go and teach the masses.

    That’s where I find Charisma University unique. People go to university, college, any post-grad education really, to hone the skills they already have. Charisma U is no different. I already possess the skills necessary to be successful in life and I could continue to keep going in my direction without this and end up with a terrific life – but that would be selfish of me. To become successful is one thing, to help others in their journey is a whole other ball game.

    See, just like a professor retires from a typical university, one day Charlie and Ben and everyone else at Kickass/Charisma are going to move on to other things. Maybe not all at once, but they will. While their writings are eternal, their perspective, insight, and specific skills are not. It will have to fall on someone to continue teaching the foundations laid by Charisma U, and that’s where the founding members come in. People who are eager to learn, but also eager to teach, and who are able.

    Ideally, the first member that is chosen should be forward thinking. Someone who is prepared to help build the legacy of Charisma University. A person that can look to the future and have a grand vision, an ultimate goal. Someone who can start with the end in mind. Basically, the first member is going to be the die from which every following student will be cast. Not exactly a copy, but the core values and beliefs will resonate within every student that (figuratively) steps foot into the classroom.

    Ultimately, the one who is chosen is going to go through Charisma University on scholarship. Typically a scholarship student is someone who will closely align with the goals of the University; someone who will continue to spread the university’s mission long after he or she has left. An individual who will leave a lasting impression on the people and places she has visited. Someone the university can look upon and say, “We are grateful this student came through and took our mission and values to heart.”

    I recommend that you choose me and erase any doubt you may have that this opportunity will be squandered. Bestow the privilege of Charisma University upon someone who you know can live up to these values, who wants to build the Charisma name through honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty. The foundation of your legacy will flourish by granting me the opportunity to come through Charisma University. I will cherish the University’s and your personal mission, and only nurture and care for it through my actions.

  • My answer is simple: To live the life I dream of. There is always time on my side, but from what I have seen this would be exactly what I need – a true gift.

  • I’m a relatively good looking guy on track for a lucrative and successful career. However, my social life sucks and my romantic life is non existent. My friends are few, boring, unmotivated, and negative. Girls initially think I’m attractive, but can’t seem to get past the weirdness.
    I’ve studied pickup online and practiced my game, read many books on self improvement, work out regularly, meditate daily, eat healthy, gone to psychological therapy, pursue my hobbies, and generally respect myself. But I feel like I’m somehow missing the part of a human being that allows him to connect with others on a meaningful level. I don’t know if that’s Charisma University is supposed to be all about, but it sounds like it could help me, and at this point I’m willing to try anything.

  • Hey Charlie –

    I’m so happy for you to see Charisma University get off the ground.

    I’ve been truly inspired by your journey so far. I’ve followed your work since Kickassery – and loved that you stood out from so much of the manipulative pickup shit out there. I admire your emphasis on authenticity. When I read about how you quit your job to coach guys – and later moved to Brazil without too much of a plan, I wasn’t surprised at all that you were courageous enough to follow your heart, to chase freedom instead of security. You’re right – the secret to freedom is courage.

    You’ve made a major life choice to follow your heart, and you’re the kind of person I want to work with – and grow and progress with.

    Over the last few years, I’ve been focused on developing different aspects of my life – and taking on massive action to make major changes happen.

    I pulled the plug on a dead end job to move to a different country to follow my dreams of becoming a writer. I conquered my terror of stepping on stage – and after 9 months of Improv, got good enough to perform with an indie team on stage. I overcame crippling fear of asking for what I wanted – and negotiated a salary bump of $10,000 in a new job – at a point of time when my savings were down to my last $2000. I quit a rice-and-wheat diet to start eating super-healthy – and have never looked back. I began to reach out to people smarter than me for help and advice. And after reading a part of your book, I pushed back at work to ask for new hires when in the past I’d have just been content to not ask – and got what I wanted. I’ve hustled my way to skills and achievements that people said I couldnt do.

    I’m at a place in my life where I’ve got so much of my life handled. And yet I know there is a long way to go. I want to lead my team and partners at work, make my writing kick ass, have a satisfying relationship – and make a difference to people around me through my work and social interactions.

    And I realize that to take my life to the next level, my raw skills are no longer going to be enough. I need to learn a whole new set of social skills, be able to connect authentically with people around me in my work, career and romantic relationships – and make people happy and thrilled to be around me.

    I can’t wait to work with you to hustle and work my way ahead with Charisma University. And like everything I’ve done in my life so far, I will commit to bringing my absolute best to the program – and help people around me make an impact in their lives.


  • Charlie,

    Let me first by saying that what you are doing here is very generous and gracious! Many guys struggle out here and I think every decent person deserves to be happy and fulfill all of their dreams. With that being said, offering all of this at no charge with this one caveat is a wise decision.

    I’ve read numerous pickup/dating books, attended boot-camps and have been going out doing day/night/car/online game for about 5 years and have had minimal success. But I definitely have made a huge turn around since my early 30s, and most of this has come in the last 2 years. I was married but separated in 2009 and officially divorced in 2010. My ex-wife was the first true woman I ever loved and until this day, she is the only one I have ever been in a relationship with (I was very timid as a child). With that being said, I know I am capable of attracting high quality women. I’m a nice-looking dude who is intelligent, extremely friendly and funny. I attract people in general which I enjoy and am grateful for making those strides. Yet, I still seem to have issues with attracting women to date. I’m not exactly where I want to be in life financially or professionally. And I know most women don’t care about that stuff as long as you can be fun, cool and connect with them. I don’t really have too many problems when approaching as I do with closing or getting intimidated by environmental factors and womens’ perceptions of me. And I tend to put “all of my eggs in one basket” when approaching. I know that is the incorrect mentality to have.

    But I have made drastic changes in my life also in the past 2 years for the better. I graduated college (first one in my family), lost 60 lbs, got a new wardrobe, started taking more pride in my appearance and have moved away from my family, who are very negative people. Yet, I am still feeling like I am stuck. It’s like there is something blocking my success. I believe 95% of my issues are confidence. I am aware of how awesome a dude I am, but subconsciously I think there is something telling me otherwise.

    I lost my full time job and insurance last month, which was kind of a good thing because I disliked the job very much. But I do miss my co-workers and the reliable income. Luckily, I have a part time gig and have been going on interviews recently. If I am chosen, this offer you have couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

    From your training, there are several things I’d like to get out of it. I’d like to build confidence in every day situations. This includes making all decisions without second guessing myself, being more assertive and also building on being the “life of the party”. I want to make sure I do what I want with the rest of my life rather than what society says or what is the easiest route. I recently went back to school but am not sure I am going the right direction with that. I’ve attended an improv workshop earlier this year and am going to another on Wednesday as you suggest in your book. Of course, I want to improve my interactions with women. This would be by having you evaluate and critique my interactions. I’d like to build up positive energy that is contagious and makes others feel good and smile as well. There is a lot of negativity out there and I want to start destroying it, one smile at a time.

  • Short and simple…i want to be a BETTER person to others, and enrich their life…period…everything comes back 10 fold.

  • I’m a 46 year-old single mother with a college education (philosophy/fine arts) and a natural tendency to be analytic about–and even in–social situations. This quality actually hurts me more than it helps me. I’ll be going back to work very soon, after years of being away from paid employment and I’d like to be as prepared as I possibly can to succeed.
    My confidence is not what it once was. I tend to speak too slowly and with too many words. I have been trying on my own to simplify my own social presence, but I need help! I also have a semi-visible physical disability (rheumatoid arthritis) which can sometimes make me and other people feel uncomfortable.
    I want to learn again to convey positivity, strength, charisma and excitement in my interactions with people, using my body, mind and voice. Your videos have put me on track to start doing this and I’d love to be a part of your extended program as well!

  • I not only hope , i am sure that Charisma in command will allow me to overcome all the difficulties i am facing right now in my life . I am a good looking guy, i speak 5 language , i love doing sport , i’m smart and sometimes i even manage to be funny and make everyone else laugh. The question is : why only very few times i dell at 100% ? Why most of the times i am struggle grazie to have a normale conversational even with guys? Why just the thought of talking to a girl would make my head spinning ?Well i do not know the answer, maybe because it is part of my history or i have some complex. But the Truth is that if you truly want to overcome all the difficulties you are facing in your Life , if you Truly want it , well …Then sooner or later i will do it . And this is my history . This is what happened to me , a shy and skinny and fearful and depressed and pale guy from italy . I have gone from not being able to talk to anyone (not even a small talk) to end up talking to perfect strangers in arabic ! I took a degree abroad , i started travelling , metting new people , making tons of different experiences all over the world . I ended you finding the job of my dreams but most importantly i found peace and happiness in my life and i finally realized that the most important thing in Life is not the money neither the succes but it is to be able to accept ourselves the way we are, the way we are meant to be . This is the only way to find happiness and to get rid of all the complex.

    Well how the hell did i do that ? If i look back i cant believe it , it all started with a little book written by a guy named Charlie Houpert .

    I know i am late for this contest but i do not care . During this time i have learnt that you are never too late to start a new path . Just start

    A Happy guy

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