Foreign Language Channel Applications

We’ve had lots of success in partnering with foreign language channels like Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Italian and others.

And we’re actually looking to expand!

So if you’re interested in and capable of ALL of the following, we would love to hear from you 🙂

  • Become a foreign language channel manager for Charisma on Command
  • Translate and dub our videos into your native language
  • Basically run the channel – upload new dubbed videos weekly, interact with fans and the community etc

If this is you, please feel free fill out the form below.

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies can get the spot (since there is only one for each language). We wouldn’t be able to reply back to all applications as well.  Still, we appreciate each and every submission.

Looking forward to making this happen!



In a moment you'll be redirected to PayPal for confirmation you'd like to join the one week trial program. You will still only pay $5 today and you will NOT be billed for Charisma University today. You're only authorizing PayPal to bill you for Charisma University if you decide to stay in the trial past the one week period.