Why Is Learning So Hard?

Why is learning so hard?  It’s the ultimate psychological screw up.

The process of learning, of pushing your edge, is uncomfortable.  It’s not a state people unwittingly insert themselves into, like say a TV marathon.  It’s an active participation in a state that is not supported by short term pleasure seeking psychology.

The flip side of the coin is that in the long term, the short term pleasure button like TV marathons are completely unsatisfying.  And I’m not even talking legit long term.  I’m talking immediately after.  They are energy draining, self-esteem diminishing,

Those edge activities have the exact opposite long term effect.  They feel great immediately after (think post-workout high).  They are fulfilling, energizing, self-esteem boosting activities and the good feelings they engender last far longer than

Except they are not immediate.  And that is the rub.  Edge activities make us feel better in every aspect, yet we are not compelled to do them, because they require us to pass a tiny hump.

That tiny hump is the difference between normal and extraordinary.  Cross it often, get excited about crossing it, and you are incredible.

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