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Charlie About Me2

I’m Charlie.  I do a lot of the writing on this site.

I live in Brazil with 5 awesome, entrepreneurial dudes that are all dedicated to self-improvement.

I love Chipotle.

I believe in every word of the Manifesto.

I think that life is about growth and contribution.

I would love it if you wrote me a message and told me what area of your life you’d like to take to the next level.

My Story

One day when I was in high school, a kid I sat with at lunch said:

Charlie you’re so normal, you’re invisible.

When I graduated, I won two senior superlatives.  One was “Best Smile.”  The other?

“Most likely to break out of his shell in college.”

It was true that I was into my studies and could be reserved in some situation.  But honestly, that was something I took pride in.  I thought it was cool that I read books, liked philosophy, and got great grades.  I had a group of really close friends who I’m still tight with to this day.  Life was good.

But I wanted something more.  I’d see people who could captivate a room.  Guys who could tell stories that left people in stitches.  Guys who people always made sure to invite out, because they knew the party would be better if they were there.  Guys who people would talk about and always say, “Yeah, he is fucking awesome.”  Who got girls without really even seeming to try.

I wanted what those guys had.  But it seemed out of reach.  Charisma was innate.  That sort of magnetism just wasn’t in the cards for me.

And then one day, I stumbled onto Tucker Max’s old message board.  The guy was so different from me.  And past the hilarious stories of the college debauchery I was having none of, was some solid life advice.  And buried deep in that advice was a list of book recommendations that changed my life.

And so it began…

I started devouring books that blew my mind.  Books about how to kill it in social situations, how to crush self-doubt, and how to bring out the best in everyone I came into contact with.  Before that day, I thought charisma was beyond me.  I was born with a certain talents and it was my job to live them out.  If those didn’t lead to my dream life, tough break.  I would have to stick to success in the realm of my “natural” academic talents.

Those books were a paradigm shift.  The old rules of “being a natural,” were out.  Guys like me were learning to be the most charismatic, attractive men in the world.  They were creating their dream lives.  I could too.  I could bust my ass, hack my brain, and choose who I would be.

Today I am a far cry from the reserved kid I was in high school, waiting to break out of his shell.  I have become more capable, charismatic, open-minded, and free than I’d ever imagined.

I want to share everything I have learned along the way.