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“Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.”
~The Prince, 1532

In high school I was a decent athlete, I had a girlfriend, and I loved my friends. I felt happy and confident most of my days. But in front of the right girl or the right room full of people, my palms would start to sweat, my throat would get tight, and I’d start overthinking everything. Of course, no one knew this but me.

College was similar. Great friends in the fraternity, good grades, life was good. But throw me in a party with hundreds of people I’d never met before, and I’d head straight to the bar.

Alcohol became my social lubricant, the crutch I relied on in those moments where I didn’t feel “on”. If you could go back in time and ask a sober, 20 year old Ben if he wanted to speak in front of hundreds or talk to the gorgeous girl in the coffee shop, you’d see me freeze like a deer in headlights.

One day a flip switched in my head and I decided enough was enough.

I’m a competitive guy, and I was tired of watching other guys who weren’t smarter than me, they weren’t better than me, but they had this intangible “it” factor that got them everything they wanted.

I wanted to know with confidence that I could make an incredible impression on anybody and have them walk away saying “WOW – I really need to see that guy again!”

So I started to study the science of charisma.  Little by little, I started to figure it out.

I learned to give moving speeches, make a lasting impression on the people I met, and really connect with someone instantly.  I started to draw some of the most amazing people into my life.

Looking at my life now, my decision to really push to improve myself was the best decision I have ever made.  I loved the journey, and with Charlie’s help I got myself way beyond where I ever thought was possible.  I’ve spoken at board meetings for billion dollar businesses, been invited to entrepreneur masterminds with some of the best under 30 entrepreneurs on the planet, and my relationships with women have skyrocketed.

When I graduated from college I went to work as an investment banking analyst.  It was a good job but not one that I really enjoyed doing all that much.  Fast forward four years, now I live on the beach in Rio de Janeiro and help people all over the world become more magnetic, more charismatic, and more successful.

I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.