Want To Work With Charisma On Command? 
(Writing Position)

We are looking for someone to support Charlie & Ben in creating scripts for our YouTube videos.  

Ideally, this person would eventually become the lead content writer :-)

Why might you be interested?

You’ll be making a massive positive impact on people’s lives

Depending on the day, we get hundreds or even thousands of messages from people thanking us for our videos. Everything from helping employees negotiate a raise to showing someone with low esteem how to feel good about themselves – the amount of good you can do with our audience and platform is staggering.

You’ll have total freedom of time and location

Ben wakes up at 8am and writes in the morning, Charlie sleeps until noon and writes once the sun is down. It doesn’t matter what time of day you work, or from what city, so long as you can make excellent video scripts. The only time requirements will be deadlines and calls you have with Ben or Charlie to go over the script.

For the right person, it’s super fun

You’re basically a scientist that is breaking ground on what makes people connect with one another. From a discovery standpoint it’s exciting. It’s also personally rewarding!  You're getting paid to study how you can improve your own life and relationships.

You’ll learn an incredible skillset

This role will give you an education you can’t get in any school in the world.  You'll be an important part of a very lean team, learning about content creation, marketing, and of course charisma (though you’ll need a strong foundation in charisma to get the job!)

Who is this right for?

Someone who:
    • Is very analytical, especially with regards to social situations
    • Is an intelligent, abstract thinker – you need to be a cerebral type, able to comfortably run social “thought experiments” to drive down to underlying principles
    • Can organize thoughts clearly – outlining is hugely important for writing a good breakdown
    • Gets charisma – you’ll learn lots on the job, but you need to have a sharp intuitive understanding of social dynamics
    • Likes our videos – if you don’t like watching them, you’re not gonna like spending your week making them!


Ideally this person will eventually be a full-time lead content writer making $120,000 a year. 

That would be once you are fully trained and if you are able to make excellent scripts with no oversight or feedback. 

That said, to start we imagine that the founders will have to work closely with you to teach you how to do the job. While you are learning (and making scripts that will likely require significant work from Ben or Charlie to review them and give feedback) you will be hired part-time as a contractor and paid $1,000 per script. 

Our goal is to quickly scale down the amount of help you need and scale up the salary, but that will be determined by the work you submit. The good news is it’s totally in your control! Basically you’ll be paid by the quality of script you produce.

How can you apply?

Since the ability to write charisma breakdowns isn't something your resume can fully convey, we'd like you to apply by submitting an outline for a new potential breakdown :-)

This is always the first step in writing a breakdown and is a test of exactly what you'll be doing if you get the job.

A few suggestions for the subject of the outline: Chris Pine, Matthew McConaughey, or Walter White.  All people we are likely to cover at some point but haven't yet.

Please create a Google Doc for your outline similar to this outline we did for Jack Black.

(Here's the Jack Black video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtaVjNykVGc)

Once it's complete, please send your outline to Writer @ CharismaOnCommand.com with the subject line Writer.

Making a great outline will likely take you several days.  We understand that that's a serious commitment for a job application, but this is a job unlike any other.  So it's the only way for us to know who can do the job.  If you do not include a charisma breakdown outline in your application, your application will not be reviewed.

Best of luck!