The Most Important Life Skill: Balls

There are 2 things most people take into account when deciding if a life skill is worth learning:

Time investment – How long will it take to learn if you drill regularly?  
Value – Is it a skill worth learning?  What’s it worth to my life?

Most people will tell you that the Value of a skill is directly related to the Time Investment required to learn it.  Seems intuitive.  If it doesn’t take a lot of time, anyone can do it, and it probably isn’t of huge value to society.

Take for instance,

Running a Cash Register:

You get trained in a day and make $7.15 an hour.  Low time investment, low value.

Conversely, take high value skills

Learning Mandarin

Want to learn to speak Mandarin?  Great, after intensive practice for a year you should be functionally literate.  HIgh time investment, high value.

Plug in any skill you want.  With almost no exceptions, you will find that time investment and value move in direct relation to one another.  Huge time investment?  Probably a sweet skill.  Easy as serving a cup of coffee?  No one cares.

The Unicorn – Low Time Investment/High Value

So how do you find the mythical unicorn?  The golden goose?  The hot, bisexual twins?  How do you find the glorious and improbable — something with low time investment AND high value?

You add the X factor that weeds out 99% of the competitors.


Balls change everything.

I’m not talking about doing anything dangerous.  You don’t have to jump the Grand Canyon on a crotch rocket.  You don’t even have to quit your job – though you probably should.

I’m talking about displaying social balls.  Do things that other people are too scared to try.
Most people never realize it, but everyone is potentially awesome.  Have the balls to find out who.  Because at any given moment in life you are 15 minutes away from glory.  Fifteen minutes of conversation from being accepted into law school, getting a literal key to an exclusive club, becoming John Stamos, or sleeping with the girl of your dreams (all things I have done or seen done in 15 minutes of conversation) .

Dare to speak, to flirt, to ask permission, or just beg forgiveness.  Dare to appear a complete moron.  Dare to be seen and judged and laughed at by groups of strangers.

Get this: You can hypnotize someone today, by reading one article and practicing for 20 minutes.  I know because I did it.  Granted, I practiced for a few hours, but most of that was overkill.  The same day I took my first class was the same day I hypnotized a stranger into believing I was John Stamos.

In 1 hour you can have a demonstrable, high value skill.  Yet there are thousands of people who will realize this and only dozens who will ever even TRY.  They choose to spend years mastering programming or Chinese or corporate politics because those things dont scare the living piss out of them.

That is the power of balls.

The world DOES CONTAIN these low time investment, high value options.  Hypnosis is one of the best.  So are you going to sack up?  Will you recognize your fear and put it aside?  Or will you spend a year learning something that doesn’t scare you?

The choice is yours.

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