How to Talk to Girls Like a Boss: Act Like a 5 Year Old

Friday night.  You stroll into your neighborhood bar looking to meet cute girls.  And what do you know?  As soon as you walk in you see a gorgeous woman standing in the middle of the room with her friends.

Maybe you hover around for 10 minutes before working up the nerve to talk to her.  Maybe 3 Jack and Cokes help with that.  Maybe you mosey up and ask her where she’s from.  Or what she does for a living.  Or if she knows where the bathroom is (which you totally try to swing into extended conversation).

Probable result: She’s polite for 20 seconds and then turns her back to you.

Or worse, maybe you didn’t even try.  Maybe you got too nervous and never said a word.  Maybe you even walk off inventing stories about how rude she probably is or how you “didn’t really like her, anyway.”

Trust me, I’ve been there.  And I asked myself more than once, “Why is something as simple as talking to a girl so hard!?”

Short answer: Because you and I never learned HOW to talk to girls in a bar.  No one taught us.  The way we tried to learn is analogous to trying to learn to play guitar by:

  1. Sitting down in a guitar shop twice a week
  2. Proceeding to get drunk with your friends
  3. Pulling a guitar off the wall once you’re too buzzed to feel embarrassed
  4. Screwing around for 30 minutes with no teacher and no plan
  5. Blaming the guitars (or yourself) when after years of this you still aren’t able to get the results you want

Starting today we fix that 🙂  Over the next week, I’m going to run through the entirety of the first interaction with a girl (broken into several posts, the rest of which will be coming soon).   For now, let’s start with the first, and for some dudes, most difficult part: simply starting the conversation.

Obviously there are unlimited ways to start conversations.  You could say just about anything and I often do.  But there is one thing I almost always do that makes the conversation 99% more likely to go well.  That’s what I’m sharing here.  (FYI, I’m focusing on nightlife for this one, it works in the day, but I have a special go-to for daytime).

This technique is killer because it is brainless (you don’t have to think), low exposure (you don’t have to risk rejection) and consistent as hell (it flat out works).

I present to you…

How to Talk to Girls: The 5 Year Old Hello

It goes like this:

1)  You make eye contact with the person you want to talk to

2)  You smile a REAL Smile

3)  You fully extend your arm and wave frantically (like a five year old)

Rules to make the 5 Year Old Hello work every time

Get her to look at you by having fun– Eye contact is key here.  The odds of her responding well shoot through the roof if you catch eyes for a second beforehand. She doesn’t have to be staring, just looking in your direction.  The easiest way to draw her eye is to become the focus point of the bar by having the most fun.  So position yourself where she is facing you (you can have your buddy have his back to her while you talk to him).  Then speak and laugh LOUDLY, dance like a maniac, and take up a lot of space (more on how to do this in part 2, coming in a few days).

Come in one energy level higher than the venue – The exact enthusiasm you project will vary depending on context, but it needs to be one level more than the venue.  In a talkative bar that means a smile and an excited hand wave.  In a club that might mean a shit-eating grin and an unhinged wave.  Key point is you’re bringing the fun to that girl in that venue, not draining it.  To do this…

Smile for real – This doesn’t mean bearing your teeth.  This means your whole face lights up.  The best way to do this is to laugh, for real, BEFORE waving.  Tell your buddy you’re about to behave like a 5 year old and pick up hot girls.  Think of how goofy that is.  And laugh about it while you wave.  Your real smile will carry the day.

Be a bit wacky – This isn’t a Fonzie cool guy wave.  That can work too.  But not nearly as well as the 5 Year Old Hello does.  If you want to kill it, you need to accept that this is goofy.  So again, go there with your body first.  Shake out your arms, unstick your feet from the ground.  Make weird noises beforehand.  Then let loose!

Commit to it – The point is not to wave for 2 seconds, decide it isn’t cool, and then pretend you were looking at someone else.  The wave is called the 5 Year Old Hello because it is silly.  Let yourself be silly for a full 10 seconds.  Girls will often go from confused, to amused, to smiling and waving back just as crazily.  Stick with it.

Dead simple: wave like a 5 year old.  And I know this might sound crazy, but JUST TRY IT.  Go out.  Stand in a group with your friends.  Laugh for no reason other than to improve your mood.  And when a girl you’d like to talk to is facing you, 5 YEAR OLD HELLO her!

But what if she doesn’t love it?

First off, have fun with it and keep it up.  It is normally just a matter of time before girls laugh and wave back.  But even if someone doesn’t respond positively, it’s all good.  You don’t have to excuse yourself from any conversation.  You don’t have to slink back to your group.   You just resume talking to your friends.  You can easily just go chat that girl up later, because she hasn’t rejected you.

And here’s potentially the coolest part: EVEN IF a girl doesn’t wave back (which is exceedingly rare) EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM WILL THINK YOU ARE MORE FUN.  Seriously.  They have no idea who you’re waving at, or if you know them, or if they’re waving back.  All they know is most people are being boring and one dude is having more fun than everyone else.

Oh yeah, and if (when) she smiles or waves back, go up and talk to her!  No one HAS EVER not spoken to me once I have 5 Year Old Hello-ed them.  It’s just too much fun.  And since they’ve already acknowledged you, you can just go up and say “Hey what’s up I’m [your name] I don’t think I’ve met you yet.”  Now you’re off into conversation.


Try this.  Just once.  That’s it.

I know some guys will think, “Oh that will definitely work,” or “Oh that’ll never work” and then navigate away looking for more articles to read.  They never try.

Do you want to feel like you have more control over your dating life?  Are your relationships with women important to your happiness?  Then you owe it to yourself to at least give the 5 Year Old Hello ONE TRY.  I’m talking 10 seconds of your life to potentially shift your entire experience of meeting women.

So resolve, right now, to do this once the next time you’re out.  Write a note in your phone.  Send yourself an email.  Take an action RIGHT NOW that ensures you’ll follow through.

So did you make a note in your phone?  Cool.

When you’ve given the 5 Year Old Hello a try, come back and comment.  Let us know how it went.  Boom, bust, AWESOME response, whatever.  You owe yourself a shot and you just might meet someone you like.

Much love,



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6 Responses to “How to Talk to Girls Like a Boss: Act Like a 5 Year Old”

  • I first tried this one after reading your book and couldn’t believe how easy it works to get girls attention without having the fear of failure. It’s also good that I never see other guys using this.

  • “Guys who don’t get better with women think, “Oh that will definitely work,” or “Oh that’ll never work” and then navigate away looking for more shit to read. They never try.” – THIS x 100000000. Seriously I bet you could put this at the end of EVERY article b/c it’s that important. Good stuff.

    • Exactly! One of the main points of trying what you’ve read is that, regardless of the outcome, you feel great. If you’re able to just chat with a girl and maybe get her number, but also when you fail (whatever that means) and you acknowledge that nothing really bad comes from that. When you realize that the worst case scenario is nothing to worry about, as it just happened, you truly feel powerful.

  • Charlie, you’re the man! I really love the way you’ve expressed your thoughts throughout your article, because your thoughts make some very important points:

    a) guys who are naturally good and successful with women never get stuck hesitating and overanalyzing any situation around meeting women but instead they just do it based on simply going with a flow of expressing their true feelings towards the girl they’re naturally attracted to right there on the spot.

    b) being wacky when approaching women is such an important trait to have because it can definitelly ease you into naturally approaching any girl you like almost without feeling any kind of anxiety or fear. Being wacky is critical because that way you’re basically showing her both respect and physical (sexual) desire at the same time. And, the latter is what attraction is all about.

    Once again, well done. Awesome stuff!!

    Bruno Babic
    founder of Pickup Flow

    • Killing the “I don’t know what to say” excuse is so huge. Just knowing what you are gonna go with is so helpful for combatting the anxiety that arises