How To Build Good Habits Using Electro Shock Therapy

Super interesting talk with Maneesh of Pavlok.  He’s building a wristband that helps you do the things you want to.  Whether you want to get in shape, stay off of waste of time websites (reddit, Facebook,, and YouTube are my vices), or remember to call Mom once a week, Pavlok can make it happen effortlessly.

Check out the video to how understanding the science of habits can make everything in life easier.

Super interesting things that I learned about how to build good habits…

  • If you complete a habit for 63 days, you can make a difficult habit stick (basically it becomes more painful for you to NOT do it than to do it)
  • Negative reinforcement is most important for habit building
  • Triggers are critical for habit acquisition.  So if you want to go to the gym SIGN UP FOR THE ONE on your way to work.  If you wantto remember to take a supplement or pill, store it next to your a food you eat every day

If you want to buy Pavlok or get your very own habit forming shock collar (I mean, wristband) for FREE (for those in the Boston area) sign up here

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