Growth Hacking Life: A Conversation With Ryan Holiday

So I got to do an interview with Ryan Holiday.  Let me start with this…

Ryan is a straight hustler.  His story is incredible.  In the first half of his 20’s he had been lead marketer for best-selling books (Tucker Max, Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene among the authors) and been the DIRECTOR OF MARKETING at American Apparel.  Before 25 years old.

Here’s how he did it.

Ryan Holiday on Education and How to Learn

  • 1:00 – The story of how Ryan went from college student to working as Tucker Max’s right hand man and then becoming American Apparels Director of Marketing
  • 2:20 – Ryan’s surprising advice for young people considering college and how to get the most out of it while you’re there
  • 4:10 – How to pick what skill you learn so you get maximum impact.  Also, read/watch Charlie Hoehn’s excellent presentation on free work!

Growth Hacker Marketing

  • 0:25 – What is Growth Hacking?  For a full breakdown check out Ryan’s $2.99 ebook Growth Hacker Marketing
  • 1:55 – How one sentence made Hotmail a $400 million business (those were the days!) and how Airbnb got huge off a genius idea to piggyback on Craigslest
  • 4:47 – The most important mindset for a successful Growth Hacker


Trust Me, I’m Lying

  • 0:12 – How creating a fake billboard drove tons of press and coverage for Tucker Max (more than a press release could dream of)
  • 1:57 – What the online economy means for ethics in marketing

If you want to read more on the online click economy and how advertisers manipulate you to sell your attention to the highest bidder, check out Trust Me, I’m Lying

Ryan Holiday on Stoicism

  • 0:11 – What is stoicism, why is Ryan writing a book on stoic principles, and how philosophers used to be actual badasses?
  • Read about Cato, one of history’s greatest badasses.  Seriousl

Ryan Holiday’s Top Books

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