Brazilian Women: 9 Things You Need To Know Before The World Cup

So you’re coming to The World Cup and are looking to meet some of the famed Brazilian women.  With good reason.  Brazilian women can be some of the sweetest, most beautiful in the world.  But for foreigners, there are PLENTY of differences that can make interacting with Brazilian girls confusing.

That’s why I created this guide with 9 tips to help you make the most of your trip to Brazil and maybe even find someone special…

Eye contact is huge

In the US, women glance at a man they are interested in speaking with. A few will even dare to lock eyes for a few seconds. But most will simply stand near him, oftentimes with their back to him, and wait for him to talk to her. Not so in Brazil. Women here stare when they want to speak to you. At first it’s unnerving, but then really cool 🙂

So one of the best ways to start a conversation is just to walk around making friendly eye contact with everyone and seeing who holds. Conversely, one of the ways to ruin a conversation before it starts is by breaking eye contact with a woman who is staring at you.

So when possible, find a way to make eye contact with a woman before striking up conversation. This is especially true in Rio de Janeiro where the men are very aggressive. Girls there usually prefer to make eye contact before a guy comes up to them.

If you don’t speak Portuguese, start in English

I appreciate that you’ve learned a few things in Portuguese. Really, that’s a good thing.

But you are much better off starting in English and just talking. Many of the people down here speak phenomenal English – way better than the few Portuguese words most American tourists will learn.

Plus if you break out those few words after 15 minutes of conversation, people will be much more impressed. They’ve bucketed you as a gringo that doesn’t know the language, and you’ve shown that you know more than they thought. It creates intrigue because you didn’t show all your cards right away, so you may have more interesting things about you that they don’t yet know.

If you’re not direct, she’ll think you aren’t interested

Brazilian men are aggressive. Beyond anything you’ve ever seen in the U.S. outside of a few blackout dudes at the Jersey Shore. In Rio de Janeiro you’ll see some men grab girls by the arm to get their attention. Some carioca guys (carioca = someone from Rio) will physically restrain girls when trying to kiss. I’m not recommending this at all. I just want you to know what many of the girls have experienced.

That said, if you are speaking to a girl for 10 minutes and not directly complimenting her or touching her, she will think you are gay or uninterested. Don’t be like the grabby Brazilian men, but definitely DO touch early. Do compliment directly. In Brazil, there are way less games when two people are attracted to one another than in most other countries. So no need to play coy.

Brazilian girls do not like sarcasm

I didn’t realize this until I lived in Brazil, but Americans have a very sarcastic sense of humor. We tease one another often. It’s part of how we demonstrate we are close to one another.

Not all of the time, but often, this type of humor is either lost on Brazilian women or it pisses them off. Playful teasing is often interpreted as hurtful. Stick to victimless jokes.

Being incredibly affectionate is normal

People touch each other more in Brazil. Men hug one another and pat the ribs to say hello. You’ll greet women with one or two cheek kisses depending on the city you visit. Couples make out in the middle of the road. With lots of tongue. It’s….startling at first.

Embrace it. Proactively greet women with cheek kisses. Touch people to make a point. And if you’re speaking to a girl you’re interested in at a party, put a hand on her waist or an arm around her shoulder. This is absolutely normal protocol here and not doing it is going to send very confusing signals to women.

Kissing isn’t a huge deal

Sometimes in Brazil, women kiss men for fun and then wander off to do something else. Sometimes they kiss men they aren’t even interested in, just to kiss someone. Carnaval is a prime example, and World Cup celebrations are likely going to have the same free-loving dynamic.

This has a number of implications

1) Germs. Seriously. You’re basically asking to catch a cold if you make out with a ton of women.
2) If you choose to ignore implication #1 you can kiss women much more quickly and much more often than you’re used to in the USA. Your call.

Oh yeah, last thing. Kissing a girl doesn’t mean you will sleep with her and it doesn’t mean you will ever see one another again. So don’t get your heart broken.

Using intense terms of endearment is normal

The first time a girl called me “meu amor” (my love) I was a bit taken aback. We’d met three days before and been on exactly 1 date. In the USA, that kind of behavior means its time to run for the hills.

But it didn’t mean she wanted to marry me. In fact, we stopped seeing each other only a week later. No drama. Because those terms of endearment don’t have the same connotation that they do in the USA. When a woman calls you “mi vida” (my life) after one date, she means “I like you,” not, “you are literally the love of my life.”

Direct translation doesn’t work for Brazilian terms of endearment. They are still sweet, but much less serious than their English counterparts.

Flakiness is a way of life

You know in the States when you bump into someone from high school and you both agree that you need to “catch up sometime?” Everyone knows that meeting is never happening. No one is surprised when it doesn’t. No hard feelings.

The same thing is true in Rio, even when you make specific plans with a date and time. Nothing is EVER set in stone. The problem comes when Americans make plans to “meet at 8pm Wednesday,” a Brazilian hears “there might be something going on Wednesday.” The Brazilian agrees and then doesn’t show. The American gets upset because they got flaked on.

No one is right or wrong, there are just different cultural standards for what “plans” mean. Since you’re visiting, you’re going to have to adapt. Plans are loose. Plan accordingly.

Meet women on the beach using a secret American weapon…

Lastly, if you’re looking to meet women, chances are you’ll be at a number of bars, clubs, and after parties. But if you’re in Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Natal, or Fortaleza for the World Cup, you’re missing a huge one.

The beach.

There is no easier place to meet Brazilian women than the beach. Brazilian men are far less aggressive and the women are far more open to meeting new people. And the easiest way to do it?

Bring an American Football.

Most Brazilians have never thrown one and they’ll be excited for the chance. Did you just get to play football and meet gorgeous Brazilian women in bikinis? Yes, yes you did. Have fun at the World Cup 🙂

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