The Most Important Mindset For Exuding Charisma

The following is an excerpt from Charisma on Command, available on Amazon.

“Wait…you’re going where?”

I’d gotten this question so many times in the last week that I didn’t feel like elaborating or explaining.


“But dude, you don’t have any money.”

He was right.  I had just a few grand in the bank and a mountain of student loans.  I had no job.  I had no chance of getting one in Brazil.  I had (at max) a few months before I zeroed my bank account the way I was currently spending.

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Shadow Lives

This is a piece I wrote a few years ago.  I wrote it for myself, in a moment of frustration and disappointment.  I hadn’t planned to ever share it, but I think you might be able to relate.  If you’ve ever felt this way, well, that makes two of us.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay this way…    

I live a shadow life.

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Feel The Fear…And Do It Anyhow

When I was 5 a boy named Steven stole my Kudos bar every day.

We were friends.  We played dinosaurs together in class.  But every lunch he’d hover over me and say “Give me your Kudos bar,” and I would.

I told my mom about it.  She told me to stand up to him.  To say “no.”  I was worried about how Steven would react.  I didn’t know if he would beat me up.  I didn’t know if he would still be my friend.

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5 Steps To Find What You Love And Make It Your Career

Find What You Love

This is the most terrifying thing I’ve had to bear in months.

I take a few deep breaths.  I fiddle with the dishes.  I pace my 396 square foot apartment.  I wonder what errands I can go run.  I’ve put this off days.  Hell, I’ve been putting this off my whole life.

Three months ago I got a phone call from my boss.  He tells me my contract is going to run out.  They don’t have enough work to keep me on.

“Your last day will be September 30th,” my boss says.  I’m thinking, “I’m going to be in Brazil October 1st.”

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Please. Don’t.

It’s too late. He’s already pulling at his wallet. I can’t fight him. I know it’s the right thing to do.

“Quatro por quinze reais,” the flower salesman says.

Paul hands him the 15 reais and gets back the roses. He smiles.

“Are you down for this?” he asks.

“….oh god….yeah.”

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5 Paradoxical Habits of Truly Charismatic People

A lot of charismatic tips can seem trite and overdone. Like: touch frequently, lower your vocal tonality, maintain rock solid eye contact, cut filler words, exude ebullient energy.

All of those things are true.  You’ve just heard them before.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned that have contradicted conventional wisdom and even the advice of some of my heroes (Dale Carnegie, I’m looking at you).  They seem paradoxical, but actually contribute to a person being more charismatic.

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How To Build Good Habits Using Electro Shock Therapy

Super interesting talk with Maneesh of Pavlok.  He’s building a wristband that helps you do the things you want to.  Whether you want to get in shape, stay off of waste of time websites (reddit, Facebook,, and YouTube are my vices), or remember to call Mom once a week, Pavlok can make it happen effortlessly.

Check out the video to how understanding the science of habits can make everything in life easier.

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Winner of Charisma University Scholarship And Reflections

I’m getting ready to open the doors to Charisma University.  Next Tuesday, May 27th is the *official* launch.

(If you previously signed up to be on the shortlist, you’ll get notified before so you get first dibs on the available spots.)

In the meantime though, I’ve got some great stuff in this blog post today.

  1. Announcing the winner and the amazing entry that won
  2. How reading your entires helped me crystallize what Charisma University is about at its core

The main purpose of Charisma University…

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How You Can Win a Charisma University Seat

NOTE: The contest is now closed to new applications.  Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

So as you probably know, I’m opening Charisma University to 25 founding members.  I’ve set the date I’ll begin accepting people: One week from today, May 22nd.  (yes, yes more details to come)

But that’s not what this is about.  This is about how you can get in for free 😀  I’m running a contest and will be giving away a spot to someone reading this post….

If you win, you’ll get over $2,000 worth of coaching, classes, and video courses!

This will only take a couple of minutes.  All you have to do is answer one question.

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How To Make A Good First Impression [Video] + Charisma University

Behind the scenes of How to Make Amazing First Impressions…

Editing this video was gnarly.  It turned out being a massive file that took nearly 24 hours to export and get on the web.  I had to split it cause my computer kept crashing (hence the parts 1 and 2 you’ll see below).

But I got it done (woot woot!)  Video is at the bottom of the post

But before that….

From How to Make A Good First Impression to Charisma University…

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